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Has My Beard Stopped Growing?

Has My Beard Stopped Growing?

Has My Beard Stopped Growing?

It’s easy to see how much bigger and longer our beards get when we first embark on our beard growing journey. But there comes a time in every beard’s life, where we just stop to wonder:

Did my beard stop growing?

The question comes for men at different times. Often most guys don’t start worrying until a few months in. First let’s figure out how much beard hair you’ll grow per month.

On average, beard hair grows half an inch (1.25 cm) per month or around six inches per year.

After a few months of growth, it’s harder to tell where those extra half inches are growing in at. Beards never truly stop growing, but do tend to level out into something called a “terminal length.” Terminal beard length is determined by your genetics.

Let’s take a look at our beard growth phases.

Beard growth phases

There is a process behind hair growth. Everything in your body undergoes a kind of systematic growth. Hair growth (including beard growth) consists of a couple different phases:

The first phase is called the Anagen phase. During this time, the stem cells responsible for churning out your hair are firing on all cylinders. The average lifespan for a normal head of hair is around three to five years. Beards, on average, grow about two years.

The next phase is called the Catagen Phase. During this time, your beard takes a bit of a rest for a few weeks. Hair follicles shrink, and your hair ceases to grow during this phase. Only a minuscule amount of your hair will be involved in this phase at a time.

The final phase is called the Telogen phase. This is when your hairs go to die and are washed up in the rain for Beard Valhalla. Most people know this as the period of shedding. Your beard hairs will all reach this phase of the cycle in time.  

Different areas of your beard also grow at completely different rates, and lot of your beard growth is up to your own genetic makeup. These phases of beard growth will come and go, but one thing is certain: every man has the ability to experience terminal length.

Remember, the Yeard is always just a year away.

Your beard hasn’t stopped growing

The terminal length on your face differs according to each area of your beard. For example, your mustache will usually cap out at a couple of inches. It’ll usually continue to grow downwards indefinitely, but stop after it covers your lips – if that’s your type of style. Your chin and upper neck will tend to be the big growers. Believe it or not, your cheek hair actually caps out a lot faster than the rest of your hair as well.  

Now not all of us are headed towards mountain man status or foot long dwarf king beards. But there does come a time in a smaller beard’s lifespan where you will be genuinely worried that your beard stopped growing. When it’s not terminal or overlooked minimal growth, the problem usually stems from your health or grooming of your beard at the time.

A healthy beard grows from a healthy body. You need to fill up on your vitamins so that those roots are firing on all cylinders. If you’re Biotin deficient or feel like that can help you, then it’s best to load up on right stuff packed with Biotin and a general multivitamin supplement.

Beard growth oil will help you to foster a clean and healthy face as well. Oils get rid of all of the unnatural pollutants that fly in your face all day and also protect your beard too. The soft glisten and luxurious silk feel keeps your beard both moisturized and clean for the rest of the day as well.

If you’re ever really worried that your beard isn’t growing, you could always measure it. Beard on brothers.


  • Logan F May

    YEEEESSSSS!! I have been growing my beard since before Thanksgiving (so much for No-Shave November) and almost a week ago I did a little shape up at the barber. I know it’s growing but I almost feel like it has stopped? Is this normal and if so, will I see a difference anytime soon?

    February 22, 2019
    • The Beard Club

      Hey brother, growing strong that’s what we like to hear! It’s unlikely your beard has stopped growing since November.

      Your hair typically grows a half inch per month. Once it gets longer, sometimes its harder to see if your beard is still growing. Totally normal to sometimes see a lack of perceived growth. But trust us, these beards never stop! You’ll be a seeing a difference in no time. Keep on growing man.

      The Beard Club

      February 26, 2019
  • George Thomson

    Hi com Scotland fellow besrdies, my beard seems to stop at after about a month, say about half an inch. I’m thinking really? Is this my terminal length is this all I’m getting? There’s that, plus when it gets thick and itchy I feel dirty and end up trimming it about once a month on a #2 comb gaurd setting, then a day of two latter regrett doing it & the process starts again. Currently at the designer stubble George Michael Faith circa 1988 stage again, that week old stubble stage, How do it last the temptation of trimming my beard once a month when it’s itchy and making me feel dirty and the fact that it never seems to grow last about half an inch, cause just tried before, persiveared with my beard for three or four months only to get frustrated and disappointed at the fact it won’t grow last about half an inch.

    November 11, 2019

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