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Beard Care On the Go

Beard Care On the Go

Beard Care On the Go

The modern man is constantly on the move. He’s got to be ready to pick up and go at a moment’s notice, and that means being prepared for anything is more important than ever—especially the need to hit the road at a moment’s notice.

Packing for travel at the drop of a hat can be challenging. You can’t afford to overlook critical hygiene considerations, forget essential clothing, and most of all, you don’t want to neglect your beard care routine. What’s the point in being a jet-setter or a fan of the open road, always ready to leap into new situations, when your carefully crafted facial hair looking all out of whack? 

If your life keeps you on the go, you definitely need to plan ahead. You want to make sure that no matter where the day takes you, your beard is always well-maintained. Getting up before dawn for an early-morning flight? Pulling out of the garage for an unexpected road trip? Either way, you’ll need some hygienic thinking to ensure you look your best. Take the time now to prepare yourself (and your beard) for the turbulence of travel, and you’ll always arrive in style, ready for whatever lies ahead.

Essentials for Success

While everyone’s ideal is to have all the time they need to maintain a perfect beard day in and day out, life comes at you fast. Sometimes you need to work a little more quickly. The good news is that a well-prepared man can always bring his look up to a strikingly handsome standard in a matter of minutes. Nailing that spot-on look simply calls for attention to the essentials. 

When it comes to cross-country travel, you’ll want to have a go-to travel set of Shampoos, Sprays, and Balms prepped to be available at a moment’s notice. You’ll always want a supply of Beard Oil and an emergency Folding Comb to take with you, ideally carried on your person. Beard Oil goes a long way toward keeping your beard healthy and shiny under any circumstances, and it’s also great for adding that last-moment dash of style by smoothing out stray hairs. Apply a few drops of Beard Oil, work it through your whiskers with a comb, and watch the magic happen.

Guys sporting an especially bushy mane may find that a proper Beard Brush does the trick more effectively than a comb. The oil treatment is essential either way, but a brush will work those nourishing dropless down deep to the roots of your beard. It’s an amazing way to liven up a big beard that’s been beaten down by travel.

Unexpected Maintenance

With these factors accounted for, you should be able to manage the basics of beard maintenance no matter where the day takes you. You’re in your normal element, and have your tools of the trade within reach. What happens when you’re thrust into a situation that calls for more extreme beard care? We recommend a simple two-step process for digging yourself out of trouble.

Imagine these scenarios:

  • It’s an overcast spring morning. You’re biking to work, trying to get to the office and deal with some urgent emails. Suddenly, a downpour of rain hits. The weatherman didn’t mention anything about this—and now your beard is drenched.
  • You’re in the park tossing the Frisbie with some friends, and without warning the sprinklers pop up and hit the entire field with a massive spray of water. Sure, a blast of cold water feels refreshing when you’ve worked up a sweat, but it’s made a mess of your whiskers.
  • You’re crossing the street on your way to lunch. The light’s just about to change, and some jerk blazes through the intersection as the signal changes from yellow to red. He hits the puddle alongside the crosswalk at top speed, sending up a wave of street water. You and everyone crossing the street together are left furious… and soggy.

Situations like these will wreak havoc on your beard, but you can set things straight with nothing more than a towel and comb.

Again, keeping a Folding Comb on you is simple enough. Now consider adding a small hand towel or washcloth to your arsenal to take your emergency beard care game to the next level. Use your towel to blot or dab your beard when it gets soak—don’t scrub it down. Rubbing your beard vigorously can damage the hair… and it will definitely leave you looking like a frizzled poodle. 

Follow up your whisker pat-down with a once-over from your comb. Smooth out everything you just cleaned up, and help give your beard back its shape. Finally, freshen it up with a quick spritz of Beard Spray. This five-minute routine will turn around any beard disaster while leaving your co-workers none the wiser.

Speedy Upkeep

There will be times when you have all the beard care items you need… but not enough time to use them. A simple solution: Use the front-facing camera on your smartphone as an impromptu mirror. It’s much more reliable (not to mention faster) than hunting for a restroom to use. Going through the basic beard care steps on their own will certainly keep your facial hair in good order, but taking time to check for troublesome spots will make a huge difference—and everyone around you will just think you’re showing off your stylin’ appearance by snapping a selfie. Knowing where to find critical issues will help you deal with them right away, and that means you’ll need to spend less time grooming. 

The more beard items you pack into your travel bag, the better prepared you’ll be for any surprise beard-related mishap. Feel free to load up with Beard Oil, Beard Balm, a Beard Comb or Brush, some Steel Scissors, Beard Spray, and whatever else will think you may need to fix things on the go. Naturally, the best way to keep all these essentials together is with one of our handy, travel-sized Travel Bags.

Be Prepared

Just as the Boy Scouts say, it’s important to be prepared. With your satchel of shaving secrets, your beard will be ready to rebound from any problems lobbed at it by even the most hectic lifestyle. Remember, though: These tips and tricks can be used to liven up your beard on any given day, instead of just when disaster strikes. Some beard days are better than others, and you never know when you’ll need help! The tools you pack with you will help ensure your beard looks neat and tidy no matter what. 

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