Stop Complaining About Itchy Beard and Do Something

Stop Complaining About Itchy Beard and Do Something

How to Beat Beard Itch for Good

Beards. Nobody told you they were a bitch to maintain. Or that, when your bristles grow to a certain length, you experience a tingling, tickling sensation that makes you want to rub your chin against a sidewalk. This phenomenon has a name — it’s called “beard itch” — and it’s not pretty. While you might be tempted to chop off your long, lustrous beard with a pair of hedge shears, don’t despair. You’ve managed to grow your beard this far, and remember, you’re in it for the long haul. Here’s how to banish that irritating itch for good.

Neck massage

Itchy Beard

Why Does Your Beard Itch?

So you’ve cultivated your whiskers for weeks now, and you look pretty neat. Problem is, you’ve suddenly developed a stinging, prickling sensation, and now you wonder if all your hard work was worth it. “Growing a beard is the closest thing a man experiences to being pregnant,” recently quipped comedian Geoff Embler. It’s certainly stressful enough without having to deal with beard itch, too.

Here’s the science behind it all: When you shave, your razor slices your beard at an angle that leaves behind hairs with a fine edge. When new hair follicles grow, the edges on all those old hairs irritate your skin. It might feel like a thousand and one paper cuts: small, red, super-itchy patches of skin that leave your face feeling inflamed. This sensation might last as long as two or three weeks after you’ve shaved your facial hair, and shaving in the interim might just prolong your agony. The result? New beard itch!

Dry skin can also cause that stinging feeling. Just think about the hair on your scalp: If you didn’t use shampoo for a few weeks, it’s going to be as dry as the Mojave. It’s the same thing for your beard. As your beard gets longer, it becomes a magnet for dust, grime and dead skin cells, too, and all this nasty stuff can cause your skin to itch. Thankfully, there is a solution that can solve your face ache.

Why You Need Beard Cream

Beard cream targets your sensitivity at the source, alleviating that beard-itchy feeling that’s driving you crazy. Applying this product after you’ve washed your face can soothe the hair follicles and prevent irritation. That way, when you shave, any fine hairs with sharp edges that are left behind on the face won’t cause you any trouble. Beard cream is a pretty nifty product if you don’t want any of the discomfort that usually comes with growing a beard.

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Beard cream helps beard itch

All the moisturizing oils in a beard relaxing cream make your face smell great, too. And if you use the beard itch cream on a regular basis, you could notice thicker, fuller hair in a matter of weeks. Just rub a dollop of the stuff into your hands, massage it into your facial hair and you’re good to go. If your hair is almost caveman-length, use a comb to evenly distribute the product.

Here’s what you need to know: Fine hairs, dry skin and a buildup of dead skin cells can leave your beard feeling bothered. If you’re serious about your beard, use beard cream to avoid irritation and provide your face with some much-needed itch relief.


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