Beard Balm? Is that some sort of magical elixir created by Zeus himself?

In your quest to grow and nurture a mane that would cause even the noblest of lions on the Serengeti to pause and take notice, razor temptation will strike when you are at your most vulnerable. It will hit you in the early morning hours as you wake up and prepare to tackle another day in a manner that only a bearded-warrior is capable of.

Through sleepy eyes, you will be shocked as you observe yourself in the mirror and discover you are yet another victim of a phenomena referred to in scientific circles as “Bed Beard.”

Bed with a view
Use beard balm for bed beard

What was previously an immaculately groomed beard that smelled of rich cedarwood and was as silky-smooth as a fine Scotch, becomes something entirely different.   

Your beard is more reflective of our wild, untamed forefathers. There is no rhyme or reason to where your beard chooses to go. One side looks like Don King’s iconic afro, while the other looks like Trump’s comb over in the middle of a hurricane.

“It would be easier to just shave it all off now,” you might say to your grizzly self in the mirror. “I won’t have to worry about taming this beast before I start my day. And besides, this perfectly good razor is just going to waste.”

Put the razor down. Better yet, put the razor in the trashcan where it belongs and pick up Beard Balm.

balm 2
Beard balm

Beard Balm? Is that some sort of magical elixir created by Zeus himself?
Beard Balm is at home on the frontlines in the battle against Bed Beard.

Look for a beard balm which has a perfect blend of oils and waxes. Such as sweet almond oil, which restores the protective oil layers in each strand of beard hair and leaves your beard free of tangles. And beeswax, which allows you to sculpt and style your beard with ease.

On top of that foundation are additional ingredients to look out for like Orange Oil and Shea Butter that nourishes your beard and helps tame the beast each and every morning.

This perfect combination of ingredients can help to create the ultimate cure to Bead Beard induced razor temptation.

Butter on bread
How to apply beard balm

So do I just spread it on my beard like I’m buttering bread or what?

Those who have used beard oil in the past will find themselves right at home with Beard Balm. It’s as easy to use as it is effective.

Simply unscrew the lid, take a whiff of all the goodness you are about to bestow upon your beard, and use a finger or two to massage the balm into your mane while bringing its shape back to life.

Some severe cases of bed beard might require a more liberal use of the balm, and giving your beard a luxurious combing is always recommended to achieve the style you desire.

End razor temptation today

With Beard Balm in your arsenal, early morning temptation to shave will be a thing of the past. The feeling of uncertainty that comes from Bed Beard will be erased from what should already be a non-existent list of reasons not to continue your pursuit of bearded glory.


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