Your Beard Would Change Your Tire. Why Can’t You?

Your Beard Would Change Your Tire. Why Can’t You?

Your beard will likely inspire, or renew, a spirit of adventure. Quite often those adventures require the use of a vehicle to get to the trailhead or your favorite swimming hole.

Just like adventure can push you to your limits, so to can it push your car. It is not uncommon to hit debris or even a pothole in the wrong way and pop a tire.

“Oh I can just use my cellphone to call someone to replace it,” you might think. “I can always just look up a YouTube video on how to do it if I really need to ever change my tire.”

If that’s the attitude you take, why go on an adventure at all? Might as well watch YouTube videos of others living the epic life or call your buddy to ask him how his adventure went. Have no fear, as intimidating as it might initially appear – changing a tire on your car is simple if you follow a few key steps:


Vehicles should come with a jack, lug wrench and a fully inflated spare tire. If your car didn’t come with it, or you decided to take that stuff out so you could have more room for a cooler in the trunk, correct that immediately.

If you experience a flat tire, the first thing to do is turn your hazard lights on and find a safe spot on the road or highway to pull over.

Once that is done, head to the trunk to grab what you need to put the spare tire on.

If your tire has a hubcap covering the lug nuts, remove it. If not, move on using your lug wrench to slightly loosen each lug nut on the flat tire (remember “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey).

Raise the vehicle

Place the jack beneath the vehicle’s frame, right alongside where the flat tire is. A lot of modern vehicles have molded plastic on the bottom, specifically to let you know where to place the jack.

Use the jack to raise the vehicle until the flat tire is approximately six inches above the ground and don’t do anything silly like laying underneath your car while it’s lifted.

Remove the flat

Since you already loosened the lug nuts, getting them completely off the tire should go quickly at this point. When that’s done pull the tire slowly toward you until it’s completely free. Place it flat on the ground so you’re not running after it like some old-timey kid fending off boredom.

Secure the spare

Place the spare tire on the hub by lining up the rim with the lug bolts (the thing that the lug nuts screw onto) and push gently until the lug bolts show through the rim.

Tighten the lug nuts by hand first, then use the wrench to finish the task. Once the car has been lowered, it’s a great idea to ensure the lug nuts are as tight as they can be by putting your full weight into a tightening motion.

Put all of your tire-changing gear, as well as the flat, back in your trunk. Now you are good to go! Remember that spare tires are not made to take the same wear and tear as your normal tires, so get it to the shop as soon as possible to get a new one put on or the flat one patched.

You’ll be back on the road to adventure town in no time.

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