Top tips on how to jump start your car

A simple guide on how to jump start your car.

Getting it jump started – A complete guide

There’s times when that perfect song comes on as you’re just about home. The tune or the lyrics, something about it just suits the moment perfectly.

Getting home likely won’t keep you from finishing that song so you turn the engine off and keep jamming. Sometimes, one song becomes ten.

It’s an epic way to wind down yeah, but with a bad or dying battery that air guitar session could land you in muddy waters.

Thankfully, a dead battery can get a jump start from one that’s as fully charged as you were when you really reached for that high note.

It’s a simple process, but one that will require a bit of preparation and assistance from another automobile owning person.

Jumper Cables

1.) Prepare yourself

Don’t rely even further on the Good Samaritan willing to take some time to jumpstart your battery.

Buy a set of jumper cables and stow them somewhere like your trunk. It’s always a good call to get longer cables, which give you a lot more room to play with while positioning the car.

2.) Make sure it’s your battery

Always do a quick check to confirm that your battery is in fact dead. All it takes is the turn of the key. If you hear the engine turning but not starting, you’ve got bigger car troubles than we can handle here. But if it does nothing at all when you turn the key, there’s a very high probability a jump start will solve things in a jiffy.

3.) Position and turn off
Make sure the vehicles are close to each other, while leaving enough room to pop and get under each hood. Once you have maneuvered the cars, make sure both vehicles are turned off.
Pop the hoods and figure out where the batteries are located.


4.) Connection one
Your battery will have two metallic pieces, called terminals, on it that should have a plus or minus sign on them. Beginning with the dead battery, grab the two-pronged end of the jumper cable and use the positive clamp — it’s usually marked red, it could also have a plus sign on it — on the matching battery terminal.

Repeat the last step on the car that, you know, actually runs properly and has a working battery. This is also a great place to once again thank the person who came through in the clutch for you.

5.) Connection two

Beginning with the dead battery, place the negative clamp — it’s usually marked black and could also have a minus sign on it — on the matching battery terminal.

Repeat that step on the car that runs, resist the temptation to demonstrate how hard you were rocking out, and probably thank working-car-haver again for bailing you out.

6.) Bring the thunder
Turn on the car that runs, and let the engine run for a couple of minutes while the two vehicles are connected. Make sure you’ve got enough juice and are properly charged by turning the key. If it turns on, you’re almost to the promised land. If it doesn’t, it’s not looking too hot for you.

Hopefully your car is now running, leave the engine on. You can turn the other engine off, maybe give your buddy a high five as you’re heading back to the hoods.

Car_Battery_Jumper Cables

7.) Break the connection
Remove the clamps from the both cars in the reverse order. If you need a refresher, that would be negative (black) first and then positive (red) to finish it up. Close the hoods, and you’re good to go.

8.) Keep it running
Make sure you keep the car running for at least 30 minutes after it was jump started. It’s the perfect opportunity to rock out to the perfect tunes all over again. Go ahead, get down with your bad self.

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