Uses of a Beard Brush and Beard Comb

How to groom your beard with a brush and comb.

Pamper your beard with a comb and a brush

The word pampered is probably on the short list of words you would least likely associate with your beard. Instead, words like epic and maybe even wizard probably pop into your head, as they should.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pamper your beard.

The better you treat it, the better it will look and feel. One of the best ways to pamper your beard is to simply comb or brush it.

Not only does it do wonders for you in the hygiene department, it gives you a very clear indication of how far you are on your way toward growing your ideal mane.

Unless you’re living life like Otto the Great — who founded the Holy Roman Empire while rocking an epic beard that he often swore on when making an oath — you likely don’t have a small army of assistants who can make sure you’re beard is combed using the best tools available. And the sheer number of products you can use to comb your beard can be downright intimidating for those of us whose knowledge of haircare ends with shampooing and using a small comb you grabbed at your barber shop.

When it comes to selecting the right tool to pamper your beard, the number one decision you will have to make is whether to use a brush or a comb.

Beard Brush 2
Brushing your beard

Both of them have their places in the maintenance game and it’s highly recommended that you purchase both a comb and a brush for your beard.

A wide-toothed, beard comb feels like a gift from Zeus himself when you’re getting out of the shower and have a wet, possibly even tangled, beard. Your beard is at its weakest when it is wet, and it doesn’t take much to stretch your beard hairs, which will damage the hair and could even take chunks of your hard-grown beard away from you.

The teeth of the comb are perfect for untangling your wet beard without putting unnecessary strain on your hair follicles.

Beard combs are also great for styling your beard, as they allow you to make more precise choices with its appearance in fewer strokes (if you comb it too much, your beard hair will break down and split much easier).

Beard Comb
Beard comb

A beard brush, typically a round one, is great on a dry beard when you are looking for a mid-day touch up. Its mutli-leveled bristles allow you to quickly reach the entirety of the beard while you direct it back to the shape it was when you walked out the door. As a bonus, giving your beard that direction will also encourage it to grow the way you want it.

Beard brushes are also the ideal tool to properly and evenly distribute oils on your beard, both natural and otherwise. Evenly distributed oil ensures that your entire beard is healthy, while also making sure every patch of the mane is covered to prevent a random itch in one small spot.

On top of all of the physical benefits, combing or brushing your beard just feels downright amazing. Seriously, give it a try it’s like you really are a king being pampered after a long journey doing legendary stuff people will sing songs about.

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