Beard Trimming Tips

Beard Trimming Tips

Trimming your beard with confidence

There is something rugged and wild, something that hearkens back to a time now lost, about a beard left to grow free. It conjures images of brave explorers and fierce warriors.

But, in the modern world, there will inevitably come a time when having a beard that looks like you just helped Leonardo DiCaprio fight off wild bears a-la “The Revenant” won’t cut it.

Having the necessary skills to give your mane a proper trim is essential. Taking a pair of scissors to your beard, though, can cause worry and stress. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to guarantee that you will leave your trimming experience with a fully-intact, cleanly trimmed, mane.

First and foremost, before even attempting to trim your beard with clippers, invest in a pair of quality barber scissors. Don’t just use the random pair of scissors you keep in the house to open Otter Pops on a hot day, they are not going to cut it.

After procuring a solid pair of barber clippers, your next step should be one that you are doing regularly already:

Wash your beard

If you go to wash your beard before trimming and discover the remnants of last month’s barbecue feast still hanging out in your mane; you’re not washing your beard nearly enough.

Once the mane is fresh and clean, make sure it is completely dried off before going any further. If your beard is still wet when you trim it, it is very likely that you will cut it way too short.

Use a comb, that’s the one with the teeth, to brush your beard in a downward motion. You should also be conscious of how your mane naturally grows and make sure to go in that direction as you’re combing downward.

Comb it

While not completely necessary, combing upwards after a thorough downward combing will get your beard hairs separated and ready for a trim.

At this point, you’ll need a large mirror and some sort of small garbage receptacle so you don’t clog the drain with your mane.

Start at one side of your face and pass a comb gently through your beard at a slight tilt. Cut the beard hair that protrudes out of the teeth of the comb.

Don’t rush it

There is no need to rush the process, take it slow while working your way down the first half of your beard. Make sure you don’t have the comb too close to your skin because that can easily lead to cutting too much off.

Once the first half is done, comb it in the same downward motion you initially used and give it a look in the mirror.

If you are satisfied with the results, repeat the process on the other half of your beard. If you aren’t satisfied, go back through the first half again.

After it’s all done, oil your mane and get after life with a freshly trimmed beard.

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