Daily Checklist – How to Maintain Your Beard

Daily Checklist – How to Maintain Your Beard

Beard Grooming – A Daily Checklist

Life is often a perfect mix of chaos and hustle. Each and everyday can bring a myriad of tasks, errands, and jobs that need to get done before you can rest your weary head. It can be overwhelming at times to even keep up with the running series of things you have to do, causing some to even freeze up and hide under the covers while feigning sickness.

But you are not content to stay on your couch and plow through a gallon of ice cream while binging on Netflix. Even if you were, your beard wouldn’t allow it.

Instead, you let your beard propel you into the challenges of the day, where you tackle the challenges by channeling the strength and overall epic-ness of your facial forest. Everyone, even the nobly bearded brethren, is in need of checklists from time to time as a way of ensuring that everything in need of crushing gets crushed.

Here’s an equally important checklist on maintaining your beard each and every day. Checking these key grooming steps off before you meet the day is a sure fire way to achieve the same glory and accolades for your success in conquering the daily grind that your luscious mane is likely already getting.

1. Wash Your Mane

This one should be a no-brainer. You wouldn’t wear a dirty, wrinkled shirt to work while at the same time proclaiming your goal is to climb to the top of the career ladder, so why would you approach your daily challenges with a messy, unkempt mane? Get yourself some beard shampoo, preferably one with the same scent-profile as your other beard products, and give that facial forest a good scrubbing first thing.

2. Comb Your Beard

After washing your beard and giving it a thorough drying, use a beard comb or brush to begin to shape your mane. This step will get your beard ready for the next steps you should check off to keep perfectly groomed each day.

3. Trim Your Beard (This does not necessarily have to be done daily) 

It’s always a good call to check your beard after combing it. This will allow you to properly determine whether or not you need to give your mane a trimming to remove errant  facial hairs. You will eventually get a feel for how often you need to trim, just make sure that you are mindful of when that time comes.

4. Use an Oil or a Balm 

This is one of the last steps, but it’s also one of the most important. After combing, and potentially trimming, your beard it is essential that you use an oil or balm in your mane. The use of this product will not only help keep your beard in place throughout the day, it will provide your mane with nutrition and promote growth as well.

5. One More Quick Combing 

Once the product has been evenly applied in your beard, give it another combing to achieve the look you are going for. With all of these steps now checked off your daily beard grooming list, it’s time to tackle the day with a fresh beard.

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