How to Style Your Stache

The key to styling your beard and mustache is wax.

Use Wax to Create the Beard and Stache of Your Dreams

An amazing side effect of growing out a beard is that beard also serves as a cocoon for a mustache also in the developmental stages. With a mustache, that protection is almost a requirement. Unlike a beard, a stache in progress can cause people you encounter in life to draw all sorts of unsavory conclusions about your lifestyle and whether you make promises of puppies and candy to unsuspecting victims in your free time. But you’re smarter than that. Let your entire facial forest grow out in manly harmony before getting to your end goal, which could be the most epic beard since Zeus or a mustache that makes Val Kilmer say he’s definitely your Huckleberry.

Once you’ve obtained some legit growth on your beard and mustache, an entire world of stylistic possibility is opened up. You can go from a crisp, sleekly styled mane and stache during your work day, to something a little more reflective of your desire to cut loose and live life to the fullest, in a matter of minutes.

balm 2
Mustache and beard wax

The key to making these style changes on the fly? Wax.

By harnessing the power of beeswax, you can turn your beard and mustache into a blank canvas. The high concentration of beeswax in a proper beard wax ensures that you can harness your imagination and create the ideal look for your mane and stache.

One of the most common styles that you will need wax to accomplish is the classic handlebar look. You might go big with it and have a large and bushy mustache that is curled and tamed with the use of wax. Or you can go for a more mild curl that gives a subtle nod to the classic style made legendary by Oakland A’s Pitcher Rollie Fingers.

I Luv Mustache
I love mustaches

To get this look, simply apply wax to your mustache with two fingers. Once the wax is properly incorporated into your mustache, use your two fingers to slowly twist the tips until you get the amount of curl you are looking for.

The handlebar mustache is the most basic style you can achieve with wax, but the way a proper beard wax shapes and controls your mane leaves all of the power in your hands. A great way to get used to how your beard interacts with the product is to simply apply wax to it and let your imagination run wild with possible styles.

There are also other, non-style related, reasons to use a beard wax regularly.

Mustache and Man 2
Use your mustache wax regularly

A proper beard wax will focus first and foremost on providing you with enough beeswax to give you control over the hairs that make up your beard and mustache. The wax will keep your beard in place throughout the day, and you won’t have to worry about stray hairs making you look like you just got off of an island with Tom Hanks.

In addition to securing your facial hair, a proper beard wax will also contain oils and butters that nourish and condition your beard. You should still be using a light amount of balm or oil before applying your wax, but having an extra dose of ingredients like shea butter and fir needle oil can only help improve the overall look and feel of your face forest.

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