Beards are Sexy

Woman are attracted to bearded men

Why the Ladies Love Beards on Men

When it comes to the fairer sex, a proper beard on a man isn’t just the sexiest possible fashion statement — it’s a symbol, representative of the qualities she seeks in a partner.

“There’s something to be said about a burly looking guy,” a friend replied to me when I asked her why she is attracted to, and often dates, men with manes.

“Like he would wrestle a bear for you or something.”

The same friend was able to pinpoint the moment in her life when she became fond of beards. It was when she was fed up with dating “boys” and decided to seek out “men.” It was when she wanted someone mature.

Men and Women_Sexy 1
Mature sexy bearded man

Women find beards attractive because a beard has long symbolized a rugged, spirited nature. A beard has, for ages, gone hand in hand with strength and warmth.

There was a dark time, not too long ago, when beards faded from popularity amongst the masses. Instead of and epic mane, men chose to be clean shaven in the pursuit of a style some called metrosexual.

How much of a relief must it have been for women when the tides shifted and returned to more sensible times. What a breathe of fresh air it must be to be able to see the strength and untamed handsomeness of a man with a mane as commonplace once again.

Women being attracted to bearded men is not simply proven through anecdotal evidence either, it’s scientific.

Man and woman_Sexy 2
Woman flirting with hot bearded man

According to a study conducted by the Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, men who are clean shaven or who have just a little bit of stubble were rated least attractive by women who participated in the study.

The scientific study went even deeper, and found that women associate a beard to men who are masculine, healthy and have the best parenting skills.

Science has proven what many already know, beards are sexy.

However, there is a bit of a caveat to that scientifically proven statement. That caveat comes in when a man is unable to grow a beard, or can only grow a patchy or stubbly beard. Although they can technically be classified as a beard, the patchy facial hair havers are likely to get a reaction from females that is the direct opposite of someone with a fully flushed out face forest.

Man & Woman _Sexy 4
A proper mane attracts women

If you find yourself in that boat, and want to harness the power of the mane, fear not. There are countless ways to increase beard growth, check the rest of this blog out to get started.

A proper mane is like a magnet of attraction and desire. It is a symbol of the manhood that you embrace. It shows your special someone that you are fierce, and will protect them. And it shows you’re a dedicated individual.


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