Top 7 Things You Should Know While You Grow a Beard

Things you should absolutely know before you embark on your journey toward beard-nirvana

There are a multitude of things that we wish we knew about earlier.

How it’s important to make sure there’s a spare tire before getting a flat. How when she says nothing is wrong, there’s definitely something wrong. How you should definitely, at the very least, smell that random takeout sitting in the back of your fridge before you scarf it down at midnight.

The same thing applies to growing a beard for the first time. Your quest to achieve the best version of yourself through the growth of an epic mane will have its unique challenges, garner new reactions from people, and change how you tackle your day.

Here are seven things you should absolutely know before you embark on your journey toward beard-nirvana.

Keep Calm and Grow a Beard
Keep Calm & Grow a Beard

1) It Will Itch

While you grow and nurture your facial hair, there will absolutely be phases where it itches. It is going to happen. Fortunately there are great products out there like beard oils and balms that go a long way toward reducing, and even eliminating, beard itch.

But even still, there might be moments where your face forest goes through growing pains and you itch because of it. Do not fret; it will pass.

2) Your Morning Routine Will Get Longer

To prevent insane itch and give your mane the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive, you will need to spend a little more time each morning laying a foundation. It’s not much time, but taking a few minutes to shampoo, comb and use oil or balm on your beard does wonders and is a necessity.

Man morning
Morning routine

3) People Will Start Asking You For Help With Things

A proper mane; even one in the developmental stage, screams wisdom. People will assume, hopefully correctly, that you are well versed in the ways of the world and ask you for help changing a flat tire or about how to properly cook a steak. Embrace this new status; it’s what Abe Lincoln would do.

4) Your Personal Space Will Get Smaller

People are drawn to beards because they tell a tale of an individual who prides himself on being adventurous and independent. When your mane starts looking full, people will draw closer when you get ready to tell a story. They might even ask to feel the face forest, just go with it.

Group of Friends
Surrounded by beard lovers

5) Your Beard Becomes Your ID

Don’t be surprised if people stop asking you to show proof of your age when you’re hitting happy hour with your coworkers or picking up a six pack before the big game. Once your beard hits a certain level of development, that is typically all people need to see to know it’s certainly not your first time buying beer.

6) You Can’t Scarf Down Food the Same

Chowing down on a plate of BBQ can have very sticky consequences that, while growing out your beard, can agitate your facial hair. No need to fear though, simply chow down while being a little more aware of where you’re putting the food.

Bearded Man and Food
Eating food with a beard

7) Your Days Will Start Getting More Awesome

No, you’re not in the twilight zone. It’s simply a natural side effect of having a beard. You will be more confident in your day-to-day life because of your epic mane. You know how much patience and dedication it took to get to that point with your beard, also know that you can apply that same dedication to anything you want to achieve.


7 thoughts on “Top 7 Things You Should Know While You Grow a Beard”

  1. I am a firm believer in the beard oil. I started using it immediately after growing out my man mane. I never really experienced an “itch” stage due to being preemptive with my beard. I highly recommend being proactive if you’re starting the process. It will lend to your endurance as you persevere through each stage of growth!


  2. There’s should be a note that not all beards can grow long in epic proportions. All beards have their limit and grow at different speeds.

    I grew mine out for the first time, and it stopped growing long after 7 months. I only got to 6 inches long.


  3. Intelligence is reflected in the way you carry yourself and your beard groom your beard like it’s the only love in your life. You definitely will get noticed in a whole different light. What’s in your beard ? love love and more love.


    1. Regarding should you use, oil or balm…It really is a personal preference. I would suggest trying both and see which one you like best for your beard. We offer our cream currently in one size, our 2oz container.


    2. I would recommend it. I think the best scenario would be to shower at night, dry you beard very well, and add oil (oil and water don’t mix). Then groom it and add balm in the morning. Oil is more for the skin, while balm is for the hair.
      If you have long hair that gets oily (like mine) and need to shower in the morning, you can alternate application some. But, the balm is what is going to give shape and manageability to your beard. I personally don’t apply them at the same time, because I use pretty strong scents (different brand, so I can’t speak to the scent strength here), and it’s a bit overwhelming together. On my oil-only days, I will usually braid the beard and let my hair down. Experiment and be creative. You’ll figure out what works for you.
      Sorry for the long response, but managing the mane can be a little complicated to figure out.


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