Top Travel Toiletries for your Beard

Travel Essentials for the Bearded Man

As you gaze upon your full, fierce face forest in the mirror, you may find yourself lusting after new adventures like you never have before. It’s a common side effect of the bearded life.

The desire for travel, spurned on by your mane’s rekindling of the wanderlust you’ve had inside you all along, should always be encouraged and acted upon.

Taking off on a trip

But, whether you are taking off for a weekend trip or hitting the road in search of the best tacos in the country without plans to return until you find them, you can’t neglect your beard on the road.

While traveling it almost becomes more important to take care of your beard. If you leave it unattended, uncombed and uncared for, you run a very real risk of halting your beards progress.

Be sure to pack your beard toiletries

There are a few travel essentials you can pack up before you hit the road to keep your mane looking and feeling great as you tackle everything the world has to offer. Just a reminder, if you plan on flying to reach your destination, there are requirements for how large a container of liquid can be. So, be sure to buy travel-sized containers to put your beard oil, balm, and shampoo in if they were purchased in containers larger than 3.4 ounces.

Beard Comb or Brush
Combing or brushing your beard each morning should be part of your daily ritual. It is one of the best things you can do for your beard because it untangles the hair follicles and keeps your mane flowing in a proper direction. Just because you are out on the road going Kerouac does not mean you can’t take a few minutes in the morning to comb your hair.

Beard Comb
Beard Comb

Unless you are camping in remote corners of the world that require you to bathe in a cold mountain spring, making the use of soaps and shampoos a potential harm to the environment, bring shampoo for your beard. Along with combing your mane, shampooing it should be a part of your daily ritual. Using shampoo is essential to keep your beard conditioned and smooth, don’t let your mane wither away without it while you’re traveling.

Beard Cream
If your beard is still in the developmental stages, you’re going to want to include beard cream in your luggage. It might be hard to enjoy your latest adventure if you’re too focused on how darn itchy your face forest is. A proper beard cream will alleviate the itch, and keep your beard all conditioned and happy.

Oil or Balm
Make sure you have either a beard oil or balm in your travel kit. Either one of these products will ensure that your beard stays put and smells great, even in the most brutal of environments.

Hiking with a map

Get these four items in your bag before hitting the road and you will be well on your way to tackling everything life throws out you on the road while rocking an epic beard.


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