Get Ready to Grow the Mo

Movember is Coming

Autumn is a magical time when the heat of summer begins to fade, the days get shorter, and leaves begin to change color. It is a time where America collectively goes insane for all things pumpkin spiced, and men can once again spend the entirety of their weekends watching football.

November comes at the tail end of fall, and holds a truly special place in the hearts of men around the world because, for more than a decade, it has provided even those who remain bare-faced for 11 months with an excuse to stop shaving.

Movember is an annual event, also known as “No-Shave November,” where men across the world grow their mustaches out throughout the month of November. The movement originated in Australia around 2004, when a group of 30 friends grew their ‘staches for 30 days as a way to raise awareness for prostate cancer and male depression.

November Mustache Season

What started as a local awareness project inspired the group of friends to found the Movember Foundation Charity. The foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars that go toward a variety of projects aimed at tackling men’s physical and mental health issues. Organizations receiving funds from the foundation include, but are not limited to, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Irish Cancer Society and the Cancer Society and Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Five years ago, participants in the USA alone raised more than $7.5 million. In 2012, 1.1 million people signed up to be a part of Movember through the foundation’s website, and raised more than $95 million.

Other great groups, like “No-Shave November,” have followed in the successful footsteps of the foundation and launched their own online campaigns aimed at promoting cancer awareness through the simple act of refusing to use a razor for 30 days.

But why stop at 30 days?

Keep Calm and Grow a Beard

For those of you who have never truly felt the glory that comes from a full facial forest, let this month serve as a foundation. You used the positive power of awareness and change as motivation and strength to power through the itchiest phase of beard growth. Maybe you even started using one of many amazing products out there to condition and nurture your mane.

By the time November ends, you will be well on your way to achieving the beard of your dreams. With December beginning, and winter rapidly approaching, is there a better way to keep yourself warm and toasty than keeping the beard? The answer is no.

Those already enlightened enough to see the strength and wisdom gained through a beard, use this month to motivate your brothers to give up razors altogether. This will be a great opportunity for you to educate and guide those who are uninitiated in the fine science of mane cultivation.

Mane cultivation

Above all else, use this opportunity to help spread the word about the serious physical and mental health issues men are facing everyday. Organizations like the Movember Foundation have amazing goals – one of the foundation’s primary goals is to reduce by 25% the number of men dying prematurely before the year 2030 – don’t you want to be a part of history? Your beard sure as heck does.

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