Taming the Mane: Unexpected Growth Issues

So you’ve finally done it. You’re growing out the beard to a respectable length. I would consider anyone with a beard past a month or so on the right path. You’ll start seeing some real length and growth during this time frame.

It’s also a time when you’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses with your beard. You’re most likely going to go through the usual round of problems. There may be areas that don’t connect, patchy spots, itchiness and strange growth patterns.

We’ll cover these and how to deal with them. But we’re going to also take a daily look into the other physical and daily aspects of maintaining and taming a growing mane.

Dealing With Growth Issues

If you haven’t made it past 4 weeks, get outta here. No just kidding stick around, but you’re under developed beard is waiting for you. Many men make the mistake of cutting their beard off before it’s made it past its growing pains.

Don’t you even think about shaving boy.

They think that shaving it off will magically make it come in thicker or stop the itching next time. This isn’t the issue. The real problem is lack of proper skin care which is the underlying issue of the itch. Make sure to wash your face like normal, but realize you’ve got a damn hair garden peaking through your face.

Beard oil is your friend. But we already knew that didn’t we? Let’s tackle the issue that stops many men in their tracks.


Not everyone is blessed with interconnecting thick Zeus-like beard locks. One of the major complaints is that a beard isn’t full or thick enough. A usual fix to this was just simply keep growing the beard. Eventually, other parts of your beard will grow over that weak spot. Instead let’s get to the root of the problem.

“Healthy skin begets a healthy beard.” – Me. Your exterior beard growth and skin is oftentimes a qualifier for your health. A glowing complexion, strong hair, and full beard shows a lot about your health.

Your beard is on the vanguard of the exterior. It is the front line commander battling the elements, drawing from inwards to vanquish those that seek to oppose it. The least you could do is feed the beast.



A growth oil will help water the deep down parts of the skin. Think of that as the soil system. The longer your beard gets, the more strain on the soil skin begins, requiring more nutrients it needs to stay healthy and continue growing.

Our growth vitamins will also help the battle from the inside. Included in our Growth Vitamins is a rich mixture of botanical growth elements and multivitamins. This is our natural remedy to curing Scruffitosis before you make the decision to cut it off.

Delay the Trim

You’ve made it a little bit further now. Be careful to whom you decide to groom with. Any old barber off the street could turn into a nightmare and send you back to square one.

Different parts of the face grow at varying lengths. The bottom part of the neck will outpace the sides and chin. Depending on your style, you might want to grow the full beard out.

Eyes widen, a look of pure fear envelops his face.

Cutting it too early can make for uneven growth, patchiness and a strange style. There never has to be an awkward stage of a beard. Trimming stray hairs yourself and using pomade or wax to tame wild areas are much better than going for a trim.

If you must go for a trim, make sure it’s with a trustworthy barber and you have a defined style in mind.

Everyday Issues

Bedhead of the highest magnitude, Das Beard Bedhead. You don’t know what it means to wake up and look messy until your beard grows past your chin. Your luxurious flowing face-shawl can become a minefield of stray hairs, uneven spirals, and pointed disaster in the morning.

Daily Groom for Growth

For us thick beards we know things can get knotted up in there. So my fellow Bropunzels, there is only one thing to do. Brush the hell out of that beard. Apply your oils and balms and get to work.

A quick splash of water will wake you up and get you ready for the day, followed by an oil rub and comb out. You’ll also begin to learn how your beard grows out. Along the way you’ll learn if you have a naturally thick or thin beard, while learning how to deal with growth patterns. You’re either fast or slow, and your beard will either have predominant growth factor of either horizontally or vertically.

No matter what unexpected issues you meet along the way, stick in there and let your beard flag fly!



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