Introducing the Guru Effect: Becoming a Better You

Bearded Brothers, you must have noticed by now that your outlook on life has changed with the advent of your beard. I like to think of the way you present your outward appearance as an indication of your true inner self.

It is no coincidence that many Yogis, philosophers, musicians, and seekers just to name a few, display their spontaneity and individuality through their collective beards.

Here at Dollar Beard Club, we’re all about letting our true selves flower to their fullest potentials. That is why we’re going to be exploring the different avenues of self-improvement that comes with joining the bearded brotherhood. Our blog series on the Guru Effect is going to be doing just that.

There are so many ways we can grow and become better people each day through changing our lifestyles in healthier and more productive ways. There are a few different areas we’ll be exploring over time. Here are some key aspects we can begin looking at.

Physical Health

Our organic-bound computer, teeming with universal intelligence is the conduit of consciousness. Ask yourself then, why wouldn’t you treat it with reverence and worship?

Philosophers over the centuries have argued over the distinction between our minds and bodies, but let that rest for a moment. Simply speaking, everyday our bodies carry out our will, or our will carries out our body’s.

Regardless, having a healthy body begets a flourishing mindset in the human experience. For simplicities sake let’s break down our physicality through exterior and internal factors.


There are many aspects of human health and the body that we’ve learned about over the years through scientific and spiritual pursuits. We know what can have a damaging affect on the body both inside and out.

Let’s start with the obvious negative culprits: an unhealthy diet, stressors, drug or alcohol abuse, and sleep deprivation all play a role in unhealthy internal and external appearances.

All of these things have the capability of turning your outside appearance into a drab spectacle of your possible glory. The body is a temple and how you appear should be a reflection of that.

Return to Nature

Growing the beard in one way is reflective of our animalistic origins of being in touch with ourselves and nature around us. Think about the advent of shaving for a second and why it has faded in and out of relevance. It is very much a cultural thing.

Many cultures have disavowed the beard because an elite class of people were clean shaven, take the Ancient Egyptians as just one example. Other cultures have reignited their beards as it also took cultural prominence.

Instead of using societal norms as our grooming guide, lets look outwards from our cultural operating system and instead look into our pre-programmed natural code. Our face grows hair, it’s that simple.

Now let’s look at shaving and some of the cultural preconditions around it. We lather our face in toxic chemicals only to put a blade that scrapes off our natural outgrowth. Not only is it a waste of time, it’s usually followed by putting on some restrictive clothes and sitting hunched over in a chair all day.


This isn’t to denigrate the working man, by any means but serve as a critique of what has been considered natural in our era. Evolutionary speaking our bodies are a natural design that were meant to run, hunt, and be in tune with the environment both inside and around us. Our disconnect is no more prevalent than in the way we prepare and consume our food.

Organic Eating

We used to spend time picking out our foods, gardening, tending to the overall process that made eating more than just a necessity, but almost a spiritual communal event. Now we’re no different than the conveyor belt processed food we eat, going through the motions, wolfing down prepared preservative infused sustenance just to keep on going as another cog in the wheel.

Eating organically divorces us from this cycle of exterior reliance and instead puts the simplistic power of eating healthy back in our hands. We all know the worst offenders that plague our dinner plates. But some other miscreants come in disguise, claiming to be healthy even when they offer the same pitfalls of fast and mass processed foods.


Labels are always your friends, if you decide to stay in store. For those with the means and time, it’s never too late to start growing an organic GMO free garden on your own. You’ll find tilling the soil, planting the seeds, and nourishing the plants a rewarding experience. Not to mention your beard will keep you cool.

Feeding the Mind and Soul

Eating healthy and working out are of course going to assist in shaping your body to your idealized version of yourself. But let us not neglect the systems behind it all, our mind and universal conscious.

Your mind must be used like a muscle everyday, learning constantly and challenging your beliefs and evolving to be the best person you can be in all avenues of life. Reading, studying, learning, are all major facets that contribute to an intelligent mind.

Through a combination of focused learning, practicing yoga and meditation, you can become who you want to become. Through the laws of attraction, positive energy focus and eliminating toxic forces both real and perceived are all part of maintaining an overall resume of health.

Our Guru Series and overall Dollar Beard Club philosophy aims to do just that. We’ll be exploring the different aspects that contribute towards realizing the Guru Effect.

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