Top 5 Things You Do Differently With A Beard

While growing your face forest out you’ll find out you’re getting a lot more than you bargained for. Normal everyday interactions, daily activities change a lot, mostly for the better.

Anytime you adapt a new style or look, perception of yourself and those around you is going to change in one way or another. If you’re a new beardsmen, then you’re in for a wild ride, veteran brothers know the changes that are bound to happen and how they go through life on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at things that’ll be happening differently with your newfound Beardhood.

1) You get used to comments and assumptions people make based on your beard and will treat you differently.

Everyone judges everyone on a quick basis, it’s simply wired into human nature. Your appearance and dress is the way you’re deciding to present yourself to the world. With a well groomed beard and dynamite style choice, you’re near unstoppable.

The longer the beard, the bigger the assumptions get. Just what does this guy do for a living? Is he some introspective writer working on his manuscript for the next great novel of a generation? Is he the CEO of Dollar Beard Club, wait you know what he kind of looks like that Viking guy in that one TV show.


Once your beard gets past the noticeable “I forgot to shave look,” family members know you’re on to something different. Questions like, “How long are you going to grow it for?” start becoming commonplace. Well until it stops would be an answer that serves them right.

2) Going out on a night on the town is a radically different and better experience.

The amount of beard tugging you’re going to have to put up with from beautiful women at the bars is well, a very good problem. Just make sure to return the favor aye. As you’re walking through any crowded bar, be prepared for random shouts of “oh sorry man,” moments before even running into a unbearded patron.

You and any other fellow beards out in any nightlife scene have the right away, it simply comes with the alpha territory. No worries on ever being mistook for a teenager either. Most bouncers, equipped with their own set of facial locks will acknowledge the bond without giving you any fresh faced trouble.


Picture this. The night lights are in full force, a loud but steady murmur reverberates through the bar. Your eye catches a sultry seductress across the way.  She eases over your way and smiles. “You look like a Whiskey man to me,” Alright, alright, this is what we’re here for, you think to yourself.

“Well you wouldn’t be wrong miss,” You stroke the sandalwood infused hairs of your chin down to your chest. You motion with two fingers to the bartender. Two Jack and Cokes, and make it a double. Tatted arms and a thick black Elvisian beard mane slide them in front of your new catch.

“I love your beard.” Hook, line, and sinker boys, dust off that smooth fitting flannel, you’re in. Can it really be this simple for a bearded brother? Well why don’t you go find out. If your nights out aren’t like this, it’s something to aspire to.

3) You’re more adventurous and more apt to be the best person you can be.

You could possibly be having the best time of your life traversing the late night scene.People like confidence and you’ve got it. This applies to all areas of life. Maybe you’re looking to live up to your Guru Effect, and take up Yoga or some transcendental meditation.

Sorry brother, but we’re going to have to check out what they’ve got on the gluten free menu. You’re not afraid to try out a diet and eat like some Paleolithic hunting tribesman, if it makes you feel better and more energized then you’re game.

Looking to go cave diving, jump off some mad cliffs or let that beard free with the top down, follow up with the rest of our bearded brethren seekers and finders out to live life to the fullest. You’re already letting that hair free and pushing against the norm. So get to it and go at it.

4) Grooming and style is going to be an even more important aspect of your life.

Beards aren’t for the lazy. In fact lately it is the exact opposite. It takes a lot for you to look like a Greek God. You’re working with oils, balms, shampoo and conditioning for your beard, your repertoire of tools and materials rival any thing the ladies might have to look good.

It takes a lot to look this natural you know. Not caring about your appearance isn’t cool. Looking like you don’t care, while you look great is a whole different fashion statement of its own, and is cool. You get it?

After you have gotten that glistening sun soaked beard style down, its only natural to pair it with some other kind of defining look. Everyday you wake up you may be combing or cutting stray hairs, and styling your beard and mustache to look fit for a king.

5) Everyday things you’re used to doing are going to be different.

This are a lot of little things you’ll be doing things differently, but alas noticeable everyday ones at that. Eating certain types of food can be a challenge, you’ll quickly learn that things like burgers, burritos, and anything greasy can drip or get stuck all over your beard. Taking a big crunch out of your mustache isn’t tasty. It’s a good rule of thumb to either trim your mustache or train it by twirling it to the sides.

Brushing your teeth in the morning can be way different  too. You’ve got possibly a few inches sticking out around your mouth. Make sure not to let any stray toothpaste or mouthwash get dissolved in your beard. During the summer months, you’ll find that it absorbs the suns harmful ways and actually keeps you cool.


In the winter, be prepared to shake your magnificent mane like your man’s best friend. It’s going to keep you warm and all of those icicles forming from your face will definitely upgrade your coolness factor. Anytime you’re thinking deep thoughts or hard about something, stroking the beard will become a habit.

As always keep on growing your beard out brothers and we’ll take care of the rest!

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