The Ins and Outs of Beard Oil

We all know how important it is to take care of our beards or we wouldn’t be here. Whether or not you’re growing your beard out for the first time or deep into the growth, you know the importance of a good beard oil.

For our first timers you’re going to quickly realize your beard can grow in ten different directions, slight itchiness is starting or your beard is feeling dry. These are all natural reactions to you not taking care of your beard.

Beard oil has been around for quite some time, but fell into the same many pitfalls soaps and cleaning industries have fallen into. There hasn’t been a beard oil that is completely organic and natural.

You already know what’s in our beard oil, all natural, chemical and preservative free, our natural oil is made with Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Fir Needle, Jojoba Oil and Cedarwood Atlas. This is our first standard oil.

What you might not know is the science behind how it helps your beard grow, how much you should use and when you need to start using it.

Science Behind Beard Oil

Beard oil benefits the skin tremendously. You wouldn’t believe what damage you’re doing to your skin through shaving and the nasty mix of chemicals you lather on your face. While you grow your beard out, you’ll run into the previous problems mentioned, but beard oil is here to save the day.

Let’s look into whats going on under the skin to understand the role of beard maintenance, growth and skin help. Take out your microscope boys because we’re going to the roots of growth. You’ve now been transported from a magic beard bus of wonder to the microscopic level of our face. Woah!

Alright guys, down here is something called a sebaceous gland that supplies your hair follicles with the moisture it needs to reinvigorate skin and hair. It is what gives your hair that glow and smooth healthy look.

These glands are everywhere that hair grows, but larger and more prevalent on the face and scalp. They produce an oil called sebum oil. As your beard grows larger, the body is forced to produce more of the oil.

A man has grooming needs.

As your beard looks for more of this, it’ll begin to itch because its supplies are falling on that good ol sebum. Once the dryness sets in, itching and flaking can start. The last thing you want is a crusty, split end filled beard that’ll need to be trimmed down for size.

You want your beard to be oiled up from tip to trunk in order to maintain growth. Once you start feeling any of this coming on, then it’s time to get the beard oil going. That’s what brings us to when and how you need to start applying the oil.

At What Point in Time Do You Start Using Beard Oil?

A general rule of thumb is to start using minimal amounts of beard oil about a week or two into growth. No matter your rate of growth, your beard is going to be quite small at this point. But you’ll be able to halt the advancement of any damaging effects.

Beard oils come with two major ingredients that are necessary to maintain growth and skin health. One of the first important parts of the oil is the carrier part. The carrier oil is what allows the moisture to get to the skin and through the beard. If you want your beard really soft, just use a small couple of drops of our oil on your hand, fluff it throughout the beard and comb with your hands if short enough. The longer it gets, you’ll need either a brush or comb, dependent on your length and hair type.

That Beard Flip. 

Essential oils is what gives it a different unique sheen or scent to it. As with any manly product, we want both a healthy and fashionable solution. You want that manly scent to be a part of your healthy manifesto of hair.

The longer your beard gets, the more oil you should apply. Oil will calm down areas and give it a fresh scent and order. You can always use a good balm following the taming to style the beard and keep it in place.

You can use your beard oil everyday no worries or do so every other day. Put it on in the morning or before a night out. Just make sure that when applying to put it all over the face and don’t neglect the roots to the tips. Your beard is going to be looking a hell of a lot better with care, and damn good. Beard on brothers!

3 thoughts on “The Ins and Outs of Beard Oil”

  1. This is very good information for the beginner grower and all the information is very helpful to all beard brothers. However I wish there were more scent options with the company.


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