Movember is Coming: No Shave for the Masses

Come the month of November, it doesn’t get much better for Mustachio Men and Beardos everywhere. The clean shaven have the choice of following two great causes for the month, that being either No-Shave November or Movemember. If you’re creative you can do a bit of both, more on that later.

For those that don’t know, over the past couple of years November has become the month of all things facial hair. Both of these causes raise awareness for many men’s health issues and diseases. Some of these include testicular and prostate cancer, staying fit and active, as well as battling mental health matters too.

For a big part of the population, they’re ditching the razors for the month and joining in with the bearded brotherhood that welcomes them with open arms. The focus set on these health issues is no way better displayed than by growing out our face forests or twiddle-worthy lone staches. It is the cultural zeitgeist of beards during the year, and is something that Dollar Beard Club is proud to support and be a part of.

Origins of Both Movements

The idea is to raise awareness of men’s health issues through donations that will go to foundations that help prevent and treat those with these issues. No-Shave’s focus is, you guessed it — on not shaving at all. Movemember is focused on just growing out that cool mustache.

No-Shave November started in the 2000s and is a month-long fundraising activity. The goal is to bring focus on the luxury men are afforded or even women in general, on having and being able to groom hair. This is taken away from many cancer patients and it’s a great way to make people think and donate.

Movember? No-Shave November? Both please.

No-Shave November has its own site and it gives you the ability to register as an individual or along with a group of friends to donate. The goal is to raise as much money as possible by the end of the month for research and education. The donations go directly to The American Cancer Society, Fight Colorectal Cancer, Prevent Cancer Foundation and St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.

Movember Organic Roots

Over a decade ago, a few guys out in Melbourne, Australia wanted to resurrect a trend. For some the trend never died. The mustache is forever, but has been brought back to a more mainstream place in culture through the Movember. Thirty guys first participated in this before they realized it could turn into a movement that could benefit people. Movement, mustache, November, hey that’s pretty catchy.

Throughout the years, what had grown out of an organic group of guys has now raised over $600 million dollars! This is money that is spent going directly towards those in need of getting checked and taken care of.

This is about bringing awareness to our community and men in general. Many men will be faced with these issues or experience some kind of mental health problem sometime in their life. Every single hour a man dies of prostate cancer. Occurrences of this ailment are more prevalent with those whose fathers or brothers had prostate cancer. November is also a month to make awareness of breast cancer in women. Prostate cancer is comparable in some instances to breast cancer and awareness is equally as important.

Joining the Cause

Dollar Beard Club is actively joining the cause and knows its already bearded constituents will take it up with great fervor as well. After all, how could you be against not shaving. For those looking to get involved there are a number of ways to participate. If you’re already bearded then go ahead and donate, just by being a member of the Dollar Beard Club and purchasing our products you contribute directly to the cause as well.

For those clean shaven types who may be lurking around and find their chance, just go out and do it. You’ll be part of a collective of men who are doing so. You might think of it as a great excuse to grow out the beard or mustache, but learn something in the process, that’s exactly what happened to the founders of Movember.

I stayed clean shaven for how long?

Maybe you’ve had your beard for quite some time and want to switch it up. Try out the full mustache look for a while as your beard grows back in. For those growing out their newborn locks, first go with the No-Shave look followed by a carefully tailored mustache. By the end of the month you’ll be able to make the decision on what style you want to go with.

The excitement of Movember is that it is based on a strong community. No where is that more prevalent than our already existing community of bearded brothers. Our fathers, brothers and friends all face potential health crises that aren’t talked about in open. By addressing these issues we tackle them the only way men can, head on and out in the open.

The movements have taken on a global scale and funded thousands of health projects around the world. It is up to us to keep it rolling and be part of something bigger than ourselves or our beards!

1 thought on “Movember is Coming: No Shave for the Masses”

  1. As a friendly suggestion, Dollar Beard Club should try and popularize “Bearduary” next February for another suitable male issue (or a charity of your choice.) There’s no reason that the goals of the Movember movement should be limited to one month of the year.


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