Scientific Research Confirms: Your Beard Makes You More Attractive

The scientific method is in our bearded court brothers. Time and time again, study after study has proven to show that beards offer tremendous advantages for those that wear them or for those beards that choose to wear us.

A recent research paper in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, found some compelling data that shows the relation between sexual attractiveness and beards. Previous studies have already found that bearded men are usually seen as older, are more rampantly masculine, are more socially dominant and more aggressive than our clean-shaven counterparts. But also, better looking.

A Look At The Study’s Findings

For many species, male secondary sexual traits have evolved because of female’s choices, as they benefit survival and increased fertility. In the case of mens’ beards we’re left with an interesting conundrum.

The study found that beards are judged as more attractive for long-term relationships. That is to say that a bearded man is better for long-term commitment, support, and passing on their lineage. Basically the answer to fulfilling both you and your woman’s genetic purpose in this world.

We may jest, but growing a beard takes time, patience and general fortitude to see ourselves through the process and then maintain it throughout our lives. Those skills are necessary in nurturing relations.

The study had a total of 8520 women participants that rated physical attractiveness in general based on a varying degrees of shaved, stubble, heavy stubble, to bearded. Another important variable that was taken into account was perceived femininity or masculinity of the face. These photos were computer graphically manipulated to see how that affected attraction.


Masculine facial features to look for, are pronounced ridges of the eyebrows and a strong jawline that indicate the male’s underlying health. Here is where the data got interesting. The rate of attractiveness changed based on the context of a relationship, meaning that facial hair was more likely to enhance long-term relationships rather than short-term attractiveness.

What this is saying then is with some light to heavy stubble, some woman is going to be more sexually attracted to you for just one night. Now I’m sure some bearded brothers out there can attest against this and say it’s simply not true, but preference dictated this to be so, through the results of the paper of course.

Take solace in knowing that clean shaven men for the most part were rated least attractive. Our stubbled cousins won out on them with ease as well.

Overall, throughout the years various studies have pointed towards the same results and conclusions. Many beardsman know the perception to them changes in a positive light. It’s good to know that it’s not just conjecture, but scientifically backed proof that beards change and make a man.

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