Top 8 Bearded Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner brothers. If you’re like most men your planning has been minimal and costume has been an afterthought. Do not fear, you hold with you something essential to every costume.

Having a beard during Halloween allows you to basically pull off any major costume while barely trying. At one point or another every beardsmen thinks to himself, “yeah I look like a badass Spartan or caravanning Viking,” well now you have the chance to get creative this Halloween. Let’s take a look at some of the top costume ideas that you and your beard can pull off.


Half of us already look the part, all we’re missing is an axe and the screams behind our backs of the village we just plundered. Now with all of these costumes, you can either go the basic route of buying a pre-made outfit or making your own.

I would recommend the latter as you have more flexibility in creating a costume. Nobody told you how to grow your beard and no one is going to put you into a costume either. Especially no damned Viking one.

Our high father of Viking aesthetic is Ragnar. You’ll need some plain clothes, boots, and fur shawl. The drinking horn is a must. Get yourself a good one, as you’ll find drinking out of cups after Halloween just won’t cut it anymore.



Come on now, you’ve probably heard it said countless of times that you look like a lumberjack. This is one of the easier costumes to pull off. Many of you might not even have to switch up the clothes you wear.

One of your first orders of business should be tucking in that flannel and then lacing up some boots and earthy colored pants. To top it off, buy a pair of black or red suspenders with your choice color of flannel. We know you’ve got a lot to choose from.

I am more than a Halloween costume. 


A timeless classic costume you really cant go wrong with. Let the clean shaven prance around in their tights and pseudo-capes. You embody Spartan tendencies and are going to do so on Halloween as well.

Bros this is the time to show off those gym gains you haven’t been able to get out since the summer beach months. The Spartan is the cat or cop outfit for dudes. But you’re no basic Spartan with your oiled flowing beard.

King Leondias may be having beard envy if he sees you rock a Spartan King Costume better than him. For this costume, you might want to check out what they’ve got on the market and make your own. Plastic swords and accessories would do well to show you’re serious.

I’m here to liberate the keg. 


Ah the list ranges far and wide. Not to be confused with the ancient Roman or Greek citizen, this costume is a go to for the lazy or prepared. Throw on a white bed sheet or toga with some tan sandals and you’re good to go.

If you want to ascend beyond demigod status then you’ll need to put a little more effort into it. Perhaps you want some extra gold amongst you to imitate the great Zeus or maybe you’re going for the old man in the sky variety. The pantheon of gods across religions stretches far and wide. Pick your religion and you’ll find some god out there with some crazed beard and long hair.

Abraham Lincoln

Four score and seventeen beers ago. If you’re looking to party like a president, Abe Lincoln is the way to go. Throw on that top hat and get to work. You’ll want to either fashion your own suit or something similar.

It doesn’t matter your beard length you can pull off the Abraham Lincoln as it is another classic hit. If you’re also pretty tall you’ll look all the more the part with your hat.

The stove top is available everywhere at novelty shops and costume stores But if you really want to get into it, why don’t you pick up an original stove top hat. Nothing is cooler than true authenticity.



A distant costume cousin to our Spartan brothers. This one you can get even more creative, either going in the full garb or going minimalist. You’ll want to either pick up a cool pair of laced up sandals or worn out boots.

Go for darker less out there colors. You aren’t part of the Roman legion. A gladiator should get down and dirty, with a mix of brown, beige colors and small amounts of furs.

Try to go for the cloth look for your shorts and definitely shirts optional. Maybe even get creative with it by adding well-placed areas of blood splatter and dirt throughout your body. A beard dye would come in handy as well.



Ahoy! You try this outfit without a beard and you’re just a sailor. There are a lot of variations to this costume. The necessity is a captain’s hat, that much is clear. You can put that on just about anything you’re wearing and the point will be made.

You can pick up a good hat online that will last you, if you ever decide to go boating or man a yacht somewhere. The all white variation in this costume really shows your uniformity and commitment to the costume as well. A striped shirt is also pretty easy to procure and adds to the look.

Bring your beardless buddies with you, they’ll serve as the perfect first mate and deckhand.

Get to cleaning Skipper! 

Tom Hanks

Yes we have two ultimate costumes to draw from Tom Hanks. We have two scraggly bearded characters we can emulate. But that doesn’t mean our beards have to be has unkempt as theirs.

In Forest Gump you can go ahead and get a long wig and trademark hat. Put on a pair of white running shoes, some red shorts and yellow polo. People will definitely understand the reference and you’ll be running with it the whole time.

Take from Castaway and show off your inner island vibe. Long hair and a wild beard with your trusty Wilson volleyball companion is all you need for this costume.


Use your beard to its fullest abilities brothers! These are just some of the many costumes you can use and build off of for Halloweens to come.

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