Guru Effect: 5 Components for Developing a Fitness Regimen

One of most important things anyone can do in their life is to make working out a habit. Health and fitness go hand in hand. The more active of a lifestyle you have, the more healthy you will be. It really is that simple.

Think about how long it took you to grow your beard. Compare a photo of yourself at a few weeks growth to a couple months. The difference is astounding and it should have made it clear in your mind that anything worth having takes time and effort. Our beards are great signifiers of habit building actions that require upkeep and care. Our overall physicality is no different and should be treated with the same fortitude and care.

Developing A Habit

Before we even get into the types of workouts and disciplines you can do to get fit and stay healthy, you have to realize that habitual practice is the first step.

A habit is a routine that isn’t forced and you don’t have any second thoughts about it. The root of a good habit is developing a routine that is instinctive and unthinkingly done on a daily basis. Working out has to be an essential component to your life. Think about how unconscious we are of brushing our teeth every morning. It’s a learned behavior that is part of our lives and benefits us. Fitness has got to be like brushing your teeth everyday. Once it is done on a repeated basis it will become automatic.

The amount of resources out there nowadays giving you workout plans are endless. Just jump on Instagram for one minute and you’ll be barraged with workout plans, you can check out YouTube videos, bodybuilding websites and more. It’s not lack of information stopping people from getting fit and achieving their goals, it’s motivation.

Choosing A Path

Many of our bearded brothers played sports in high school and college, or already go to the gym. One of the major tenets of a fitness plan is variation and consistency. Ask the most gym-hardened veteran and they’ll tell you you’ve got to switch it up.

That’s why it is important to do a few more activities then just the gym. A home gym workout or fitness club should be one of your first solutions to a fitness plan, but not everything. Here are five different components that should go into developing a fitness plan.

Outdoor Activities

Everyone needs to have at least one thing they enjoy doing outside. When we were kids we spent our time digging in the dirt, climbing trees, and any other schemes we could come up with.


A majority of us have lost this connection to the outside. It isn’t enough to workout in front of a TV or in the confines of a fitness center. We were meant to run, jump, sprint, and swim in the open air. For those that feel they have limited time, start with a simple walk around the neighborhood, city, suburbs, or rural doesn’t matter, go out and get it.

If you’re living in a warm climate go for an outdoor swim by getting a couple laps in. Eventually you can start running too. Be that guy whose going to be seen out going for a jog every morning or night. 5 minutes, 10, or more is all it takes. For those that have the luxury, take up rock climbing, or biking. This healthy dose of cardio isn’t just going to knock off the pounds, it’s going to keep your mind well and alive too.


Pump it yeah. The temple of gains is the place to be. Lifting weights is really addicting. Probably one of the best addictions you can get. With that being said, you don’t want it to be your only outlet of physical activity. For those that are new, a minimum of three days is recommended up to six days per week eventually.

The merits and discussions behind workout splits will be endlessly debated and deconstructed for years to come, and some fitness model will pander to sell you their brand of success. Our advice is to shop around.

Curls for the girls.

Try out your own workouts and splits until you find one that works best for you. Whether it’s a traditional bodybuilding workout per day, powerlifting, or the often mocked Crossfit, make the decision for yourself. Once you’ve got a gym membership or the tools at your disposal, the workouts in the gym are endless. Just don’t neglect the major compound movements if you’re going lift a lot: squats, deadlifts, benchpress.


What type of Guru would we be without Yoga? The only thing you’ll need besides your body is a yoga mat and some instruction. Mats can be purchased at any online retailer or even your local stores. If you’re really thinking about getting into the spiritual practice of Yoga, look into a custom made foreign mat.

Instruction can come through your computer, books or better yet an instructor. Guys don’t be shy and stop in the local yoga studio. Try to go for a non corporate feel and one that vibes more with naturalistic tendencies. Who knows brothers, you could end up meeting some Yogi women looking to practice.

Up your Yoga game brah. 

Yoga increases flexibility, increases muscle strength and overall makes you more athletic. It also a great way to connect with your mind and body to be more attuned with yourself. It’s the art of becoming one with yourself and more childlike in spirit and flexibility.

Martial Arts

Some of our top guys in mixed martial arts right now are fellow beards. Fighting is a great skill to have. You need to know how to properly defend yourself and your loved ones. The majority of guys can’t fight to save their lives. If you’re aim is to stay fit and learn how to kick some ass, then add joining an MMA gym to your list.

If your aim is also to learn a greater art that has hundreds of years of history, consider joining a traditional marital arts gym. Some of these martial arts could be a variety of Karate, Judo, Hapkido, Taekwando, and more. You’ll not only learn great discipline, but some cool moves and become part of a greater community.


Finally, our last component seems to be something not distinctly about fitness, but is just as important. Through yoga and martial arts you will most likely come across a form of meditation. Often these are parts of the practice and discipline.

Meditation can be done in a few different ways. As part of Yoga it can encompass holding poses for a certain set amount of time while consciously or unconsciously focusing your mind. Some forms seek to clear your head entirely of the noise, transferring your consciousness to a new place entirely. Other forms will have you repeating a mantra to get into an altered state of mind.

The crux of meditation should be used to reach new states of mind and simply let go and let it be. In essence it is the art of true mind and body relaxation without sleeping. It is a way to know yourself and know your body.

Nurturing Your Fitness

It would be foolish to think you could do all of these right away if you’re not involved in at least one or a few components right now. Set aside a small part of your day to begin on one or two of these components. Overtime you’ll find them becoming habitual and part of an everyday life that is more fulfilling and helping your overall fitness of the body and mind.


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