Insight into the Beard Club Manor

Nestled away in the hills, a masterpiece of exploration and originality basks under the California sun. Behind every great kingdom lies an equally illustrious capital. Our legions of beards calls the Beard Club Manor home. It is the heart and shining jewel of the empire and with it we’re bringing the light back to LA.

Our famous Beard Club Manor hosts, invite-only events for celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs and of course Dollar Beard Club members.

We recently hosted our first Sunday Share event at the Manor, brought to you by our own Unconscious Content. Dollar Beard Club has changed the way we look at ourselves in the mirror both physically and mentally! We aim to take that same approach by developing a place that is going to set a new standard to build lasting communities as well.

Inaugural Sunday Share

This is only the beginning for us as a company and a lifestyle. Our new era is upon as and we welcomed in the new dawn with Vic Mensa performing for the entire manor. It was an event for the ages, as with everything we do in Beard Club — we do it big.


Our Sunday Share looked towards tapping into our subconscious minds to get through all the noise and find our own creative pastures. This land of creativity and rallying against the norm is what has continued to sustain and grow our movement and company to where it is today. We couldn’t have done it without the brotherhood either.

Future of the Manor

If this is one of your first times hearing about the Manor, then stay tuned. Our events hosted at this magnificent manor will only continue to grow over time, offering more in intellectual and spiritual advancement.

Always be on the lookout for when you may be able to kick it with the Beard Club Crew in Hollywood. Keep your eyes open for ways to attend our exclusive parties and have a wild night in store for you. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date on happenings at the Manor.




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