Preparing Your Beard for Winter

Our autumn winds have taken to us this year. As you look at your beard flowing in the rearview mirror with the heater cranked up ever so slightly, you’ll know that winter is soon to follow. Having a beard during the winter is both a benefit and a source of responsibility. It is more important than ever in the winter months to take adequate care of your beard.

As the seasons begin to change, our beards do as well. We’re at risk of the harsh dryness paired with frigid winds blasting our hairs every which way. We then jump in a blistering hot shower, or heated environment that dries out our hair even more. It’s important then to keep these simple practices in mind this winter. In order for us to emerge through the temporary Arctic freeze, we’ll need to be vigilant so our beard may see sunnier days.

Grooming Habits Changed

The dredges of everyday monotony are upon us with the added caveat of freezing our fricken faces off. The walk to the car is a long undertaking followed by a session outside scraping snow off the windshield. If you’re car is in the garage, more power to you, but you’ll still be braving the cold to get to your chariot. This is just one such instance of cold affecting the modern man, and you’ll want to savor all your warm comfortable moments.

One of your morning rituals that may be the last vestige of comfort is jumping into a steaming hot shower. Ah nothing better for the body and warmth of your now frigid soul. But for the beard, these harsh hot streams pose an additional problem. Hot water strips your beard of it’s oils and can result in a dry beard.


Amp up your beard bristles boys, it’s gonna be a cold one. Forsake your hot water and instead look to build up that cold tolerance. Taking a cooler shower does wonders for your hair and skin. Skip the heat and embrace your inner ice warrior.

Switch Up the Routine

Your morning routine for the beard should be a cold and calculated affair. We know the merits of beard oil all too well. It should be a given that you should be applying our oils daily. What you should do is cut back on the shampoo.

Try to use only shampoo a minimal amount of times per week, while applying a conditioner on a more regular basis. Instead of separating the two, skip the harsh regular shampoos and instead look for the double threat of our shampoo. It conditions the beard and doesn’t strip the beard of its natural materials.

Call in the logistics team and maintenance crew this winter. Your barber is an indispensable resource this winter. If you’re not confident in trimming up the beard yourself, then go ahead to your local barber to see if they can get it fixed up. Taking care of your beard is going to require to cut out those split ends and dried dead hairs.

Protect me from the cold dark winter please.

When you do get out of the shower, make sure to lightly hand dry your beard so that the water doesn’t stay in the beard as tap water can harbor a lot of materials that will conversely suck out moisture.

Many beards you may see during this winter will be taken under the knife and eliminated. We collectively bow our heads to the beards we lost at too young of an age this winter. Do not be one of the fallen brothers, do your best to keep your beard game in check.

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