Guru Effect: Yoga & Beard Health

Yoga as a discipline is a beneficial force in many aspects of your life. It can give you massive strength gains, flexibility, body awareness and peace of mind. There are hundreds of different types or schools of yoga throughout the world. Originally an Eastern way of life, it has spread to its Western cohorts around the world.

Yoga is a fundamental part of realizing your fullest potential. You’ll have increased flexibility, be stronger and have improved energy and vitality. Aside from the usual round of increased physical attributes, you’ll find mental and internal health benefitted as well.

Relaxation techniques in yoga can assist you in dealing with back pain, muscle soreness, headaches and more. The more you practice, the more feats of strength you’ll be able to perform. One of the overlooked aspects of Yoga is the fact that it helps you grow your beard. Seriously. We’re going to look at some poses and practices that will contribute to the health of your hair.

Push it to the limit. 

Yoga & Beard Vitality

Yoga is great for your overall being, but it also aids in a better looking appearance. Along with a proper diet and smart beard regimen, you’ll have a spectacular beard. You may be surprised to hear that yoga aids in giving your beard a riveting smolder in the light. It is great for both the hair on the top of your head, sans our bald brothers, and also great for your beard. There are poses out there that will assist in benefitting the growth and health of your beard.

We’re not going to overboard with too many different poses, but we’ll lay out a few that have been known to help. As a whole, yoga is going to contribute to your well-being and ridding yourself of stress.

Our first pose is called Uttanasana, and it’s basically a forward bend pose. You start by standing upright with your feet placed right next to one another. First inhale deeply and while exhaling  you lift your hands up and bend forward to either touch your feet or the floor.

Yoga Moves.jpg

The pose is bringing blood flow to the scalp and overall face, benefitting the flow into your face and beyond. It also eliminates stressors which is a big factor with overall hair growth. Another pose is called the Sasangasana and has the same principle to it, but it is a seated pose.

You’ll begin by sitting on your knees and then placing the hips down on your heels. Once you exhale you’ll bring the head down to the floor and then lift up your hips. Hold the position for a few breaths and then exhale and release.

Overall Yoga Benefits

These techniques can make you much more relaxed. It’s also a fun pursuit as you can test your physical and mental fortitude. There are so many demanding yoga poses out there that will test your skill.

When your body begins to adapt to these new forms of movement and positions, you will become much more comfortable in your own body. Meditation is a great form of getting rid of stress and that’ll begin to show in your beard. The more yoga you practice, the more you become closer to realizing the Guru Effect.

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