Movember Partnership: Learn the History of the Mustache

Greetings from the Order of the Moustachio. Our month dedicated to all things mustaches and man has dawned upon us. Movember is here gentlemen, and with that we are proud and ecstatic to announce, we have officially teamed up with the Movember Foundation.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Movember Foundation, they’re an incredible organization that has been a champion for men’s health issues for a little over a decade. Originally founded in 2003, the foundation’s goal is to help foster awareness for men’s health. It has already raised over $710 million in funding for 1,200 men’s health projects that focus on prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

For each wax purchased, we donate $1 towards the foundation. Before continuing, check out our video collaboration detailing the historical roots of the mustache. Pick up some wax, because this one’s going to be a real mustache twirler.

Historical Greatness

Let’s first dive into the semantics of the word. The word mustache is originally a French word. It stems from moustacio, an Italian word and from Medieval Latin moustaccium. The original Greek word for it, originally meant upper lip facial hair.

Shaving has been around since the Neolithic era. We’ll give shaving a brief pass if it’s for the growth and styling of a mustache, an essential component of the full beard. Some of the first portraits of Mustachio Men comes from 300 BC.

Various cultures have a great amount of renown for a strong and long mustache, even more so than the beard. While there have been times that a beard has gone out of fashion, sometimes a mustache has stayed relevant. During the Victorian Era in England for example the mustache was seen as the mark of a revolutionary, or artist.


There have been many times that the counterculture or different leaning ideologies have been tied to the beard and mustache. Like a sine wave there is an ever rising trend switch for those that seek to follow the masses of style changes.

But for those eternal mustaches I say, the mustache and beard for that matter know no trends, but are eternal! They’re naturally tied to the growing development of a young man.

Development of a Mustache

There are brothers among us who may not be able to fully grow their beards without a good dosage of growth vitamins and sprays. Even then, a lot has to do with genetics and how much you take care of your body and health.

The mustache is one of the first parts of facial hair to show up on your face. The first semblance of hair starts showing up when you’re between the ages of 11 and 15. The rest of the hair starts filling in between the ages of 15 and 21, where a lot of guys begin to develop full beards.

For those that have come down with the rarest of Scruffitosis, but can still grow a mustache, you’re in lock. There are a ton of cool mustache styles you can use.

There are a variety of tools that can be used to care for a mustache. We’ve already mentioned our mustache wax, but there is also the Sandalwood Mustache Comb. All of these tools and grooming methods will allow you to grow the best mustache you can grow.

Take a page from history and grow your mustache for both style choices, and to help an incredible cause. Let that upper lip grow out boys, and become part of something greater than yourself, welcome to Movember and order of Mustachio Men.

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