Best Four Beards in Sports

Many of our modern day gladiators know the importance of a well groomed menacing mane. Sometimes their beards are as notorious as their actual athletic ability and prowess in their individual sport.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most badass beards in sports right now. Ahead of us is a wide range of champions who’s skill and expertise is matched by their equally compelling beards.

Jake Arietta


108 years of patience was behind this beard. Arrieta’s beard growth has followed a trajectory alongside him advancing through the big leagues. That was until he finally became a World Champion with the Chicago Cubs. His beard has been a staple for the team and seemed to follow along with the playoff beard tradition.

He used to pitch with the Baltimore Orioles before his ascent into Chicago Stardom. Once he switched his role into elite pitcher, was when the beard started growing in full force. His beard has a good thick outgrowth that is also well kept for a man in sports. 

Could it be that the long standing Cubs curse was broken by this secret weapon?  We salute our beards in solitude to a solid beard and an even more legendary sporting team.

Conor McGregor


Conor Fookin McGregor, what can be said about this champion that he hasn’t already said about himself. Love him or hate him, McGregor is a champion both in the octagon and outside of it.

With only one defeat in the UFC so far, McGregor has shook up the entire division. Currently he stands as the champion of the Featherweight division where he knocked out Jose Aldo with a left in 13 seconds flat. After his foray into Welterweight against Nate Diaz, he suffered a loss that brought him back more determined than ever.

He’s looking to make history by holding two titles simultaneously by defeating a less bearded contestant Eddie Alvarez in a lightweight title battle. McGregor has got style and his beard is no exception. Trimmed closely to the sides it is as much part of his personality as his flashy clothes, no nonsense talk and action he holds behind his fighting words.

James Harden


Synonymous with going hard(en) is the man behind the beard, James Harden. He’s a champ in basketball and has one of the most noteworthy beards in the sport. Harden started growing the beard out sometime after high school as he wanted to look older.

Like many grand beards, it started from humble beginnings before reaching the peak it is at today. He doesn’t allow anyone to trim it except for his trusted barber. Good choice. Harden has been to the Olympics and won a gold medal before. It’s been almost seven plus years for the last time he’s seen his chin or shaved his face.

Now that right there is the determination and will of a champion.

Tim Howard


We have Tim Howard who is a champion in soccer, or football whatever you call the respective sport. He’s been known to rock the shaved bald head with an equally killer beard. One of our top hairstyles, one he’s pulling off quite well.

He’s been to multiple World Cups and is an elite class athlete. He is a goalkeeper with numerous world record breaking stats. The beard is in itself a masterpiece and a picture of it was displayed at a beard photography art gallery.

All of these beards are from sportsmen who have reached peak skill in their arenas. Keep a look out for them as they stay active and break more records and win more championships.


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