Top Mustache Styles

Movember is a perfect time for you to experiment with your mustache. After all everybody’s doing it! Your first couple of days and first week or so, are foundation time. If you’re going the mustache only route, there is a whole lot of styles you can choose from.

Many men will find that their mustaches grow the fastest, as this is one of the first areas of facial hair to develop. Once this amazing month of awareness and giving back to the brotherhood is over, you’ll be left with a killer mustache. Guys that came in this with a stache already would do well to pay attention to some of these new styles too. 

Timeless Classics


Beards change our look a lot. Mustaches also change how our faces look too. Just that little amount above your lip can give you that extra edge. There are styles you can choose from that range from the simple and classic to the eccentric and wild.  

Chevron Mustache

The start of this mustache is simple. It’s going to take a few months to fully grow out. It’s a neat style and hopefully you have coarse hair for it. The longer it grows it gets even better, pretty much a constant in beard and mustache growing. Make sure to cut the hair before it starts growing over your upper lip and mouth. Think George Clooney and Freddy Mercury for inspiration.

Handlebar Moustache

One of the coolest mustache styles comes with signature curved ends. The spiral look has just the right amount of old school style to it brought back to the new age. It’s also an archaic revival of a classic style that’s now become edgy. How often do you actually see this style? Styling the handlebar mustache is done through a quick two step process. First grab some of our mustache wax and twist both ends upwards and there you have it.

Walrus Moustache

Big time commitment here, just look at the name. It’s a statement for sure. The Walrus mustache started in the 19th and 20th century. It’s a look that goes over the lift and well you like a Walrus. It was popular during the sixties too. Go for the trademark look if you’re trying to stand out.

Pencil Moustache

A pencil mustache is exactly like it sounds. It’s a thin line over the lip and it’s a great style. You’ll look like you’re right out of 1940’s film. For our guys in Movember, it’s a quick and easy look to pull off because you can grow it in a month or less. It’s also much neater to the Walrus counterpart.

Horseshoe or Fu Manchu

Finally, we have another out there mustache. It is a long mustache that is grown long and droops below the chin. It’s ideal if you have thin wispy hair. You’ll usually see a horseshoe mustache which is the entire mustache that connects from above the lip and goes down. Go for one of these if you’re really trying to make a statement.

Overall, take a look through these graphics and see what fits you the most. Facial shape is dependent on a lot of these styles. If you don’t know a name for your new style, bestow upon it whatever you’d like. Beard on brothers, and we must acha u to continue on with your facial haired journey.

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