Guide to Yeard Growth and Beyond

Throughout a man’s life, he will encounter various rites of passages. We know all too well about these tried and trued pursuits, victories, and accomplishments in front of us. Growing a beard is kind of like unlocking a new level in your life, a list of further achievements to pursue.

The greatest elite accolade a man can accomplish is growing out the Yeard, a one year long growth without any shaving or trimming whatsoever. A one year commitment is a lot of time for a lot of people.

In our current age of 10 second or less attention spans, you’d be surprised at how long a year seems to most people. A full 365 days of unaltered healthy growth is one of the manliest things you and your beard can do.

Getting there will be wrought with difficulties, obstacles, fortitude and persistence. Any epic journey starts somewhere. It could be today for you, the start of Movember or a few months ago. No matter where you are in the Yeard journey, you must continue on the path.

Yeard Hurdle

Let’s assume this is ground zero for you and it’s the first day you’ve forsaken the razor. Mark this date down and take a picture of your fresh face. This will be the annual celebration day one year down the line. The first couple of weeks will be uneventful. You’ve probably been here before. The stubble will grow thicker and you’ll begin to see what type of beard you have.

0 – 3 Months

Ah the young beard. This is a time of changing faces, new looks and strange feelings. First comes the early stages of model stubble, depending on the thickness and color of your beard. At about one month in is when you should begin to see some relative thickness, but nothing to write home about.


Two to three months is when we start picking up on the semblance of some kind of beard, and that isn’t due from forgetfulness or laziness. By the end of three months, you’ll have got many new comments. There are times you’ll be referred to as the beard guy or some other pseudonym you’ll go by around the local scene.

The itch can easily be taken care of by our beard oils, paired with a brush and growth vitamins if you’re on the thinner side. At this point, a Patrick Beardsman style routine would come in handy. The only time we recommend shaving or trimming is possibly getting rid of some stray hairs that sparsely grow on the upper cheeks. Even then, be very careful about that. We’re going for the full beard, so don’t worry about the neckline. You won’t know what that looks like anymore anyhow.

3 – 6 Months

The start of your three to six month tenure is when your whiskers start to get further from your face. It’s a glorious time as these months are a crucial time of development. Any thoughts of shaving should be struck from your mind.

If for some ridiculous reason you want to start over or shave, make sure to wait a minimum of one day for each month of growth. Hopefully you’ll have come to your senses by then.


The beard should begin to round out around your face and at least be a few inches long. Your volume and overall length will be determined by the inherent texture of your beard.

6 – 9 Months

Oh boy, if you thought the last couple months were a time of unimpeded growth, this is where the men are born. You’ve already weathered through two seasons and entering into a third. Who knows what’s been going on with your life so far. The one thing that has stayed constant, never left your side and always been there through all of it, the beard.

By this time you’ve got a healthy beard plan and are doing your best to keep it healthy. A whole lot of oil is keeping it shining without split ends or dry hairs.  If you haven’t figured out by now, you should be curling your mustache away from your upper lip. That is going to help train the mustache and stop you from taking a bite down on it.

By the end of this final stretch, you’ll be aware of bed head for beards, all the benefits and stellar new look you’ve gotten from this lifestyle switch. If you’ve made it this far, don’t you dare turn back.

9 – 12 Months (The Holy Yeard)

Along the way you’ll have noticed some significant changes from one three month bracket to the another. Your beard filled in at different spots, grew visibly way longer and you could confidently see your beard was getting bigger.

A lot of guys get scared during this time as they fill that beard growth has stopped or slow. That is simply not the case. Our hair grows at a predetermined pace and considering how long your beard currently is, the difference is going to be minimal.

There’s some fun stuff along the way you should do while it’s growing. For one, taking pictures everyday is a great way to have a time lapse collage at the end of the year. Everyone likes checking out a good metamorphosis. The final day that a Yeard comes will be glorious, but also familiar.


Once you’ve reached this length, you could always cut down to lower beard with a smaller size or continue on to greatness. Here’s your achievement points, you earned em. Stay vigilant all year no matter what anyone says. There may be awkward times in your beard either at the start or middle of the journey.

The key is to look good the whole time and keep your beard healthy. A Yeard is a great starting point for even bigger and cooler beards. Once you’ve got such a large beard, it’s not often you see yourself turning back. Good luck in your new Yeard journey, we are here for you each and every step of the way.







2 thoughts on “Guide to Yeard Growth and Beyond”

  1. Thanks for these very helpful tips, I’m starting to grown mine, barely a month already but willing to go further.
    Is there any beard oil option that you might recommend?
    Thank you in advance!!


  2. I was a full 6 months into my yeard when I was laid off. My new job required a “neatly trimmed” look. I haven’t seen my chin for approximately 10 years, but my dream of the yeard is on hold for the foreseeable future.


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