5 Major Reasons Men Grow Their Beards

It takes a good amount of time to grow out our massive manes. Our beards change our own perspective on life and the way others view us. It requires a whole new set of tools at our disposal to look groomed and healthy.

The modern bearded man has captivated the culture. We are everywhere and our reasons for growing our beards range from the mundane to the extreme. Whatever reason you grew your beard, we’re glad you did it. The question that a lot of people may ask a beardsman, is why you grew your beard in the first place?

We can’t pretend to know every reason, but there are some obvious reasons we choose this magnificent lifestyle. Here are some of reasons men decided to throw the razor away and become a true man.

A Bearded Opportunity Presented Itself

There just seems to be a group of guys who seem like they’ve had facial hair their whole lives. There was the kid in middle school who already started rocking the mustache. Albeit pretty weak and thin it was a lot more than the other kids. Then came the sideburns, curly messes on the side of your face that could be shaped into a semblance of style.

Why Not Beard.jpg

After breaking into high school, these young beards saw that they had to shave a few times a week or else they were going to actually grow a beard. Thus, the natural beardsman was born. While he was an early bloomer, he may have fought against his natural inclinations towards premature manhood. That is until one day he realized the path was blazed for him. The worldly construct of nature ahead of his journey was that of Beardmanship.

At this point a lot of guys grow their beards because they’ve been there as long as they remember. If you’ve got it, why not use it?

You Like the Look of It

Styles come and go. Maybe you did join because it was some kind of style trend or cultural shift. There is no doubt that the new bearded age is a phenomenon, no matter how long you were rocking it before the other guys were.

We’ve known through countless of studies that beards make us more attractive. Once you let you grow you out, you probably realized how nice it looks on you. A good rugged aesthetic to let your masculinity shine to the heavens.

Whether or not you’re looking for the wild look or a simple groomed businessmen beard, the choice is to look different and better. Growing a beard by itself is cause enough for an amazing style change.

Family or Friend Suggestion

There are some men out there that were coerced or it was suggested that they’d look good with a beard. Maybe your father or brothers were beardsman. It never really appealed to you until that seed was planted and suggested to you. That little extra step and boost of confidence brought you to where you are today.

Friendly Beard.jpg
Dude! Isn’t having a beard sweet!?

If there is someone in your life that loves the look and feel of beards then why not give it a chance. It could be a loved one, or even a would-be significant other. The encouragement is all it takes to grow the beard out to its fullest potential.

It Just Happened

Probably one of the simplest reasons of them all. Some guys just forget to shave and start liking the look. There was no major impetus to throw away the razor and join the bearded brotherhood, you just fell into it. Luckily for you that was reason enough to continue on and learn the new ways of having a beard and all the manliness that comes with it.

After a while you realized you didn’t like lathering up pounds of itchy and gooey shaving cream on your face. There was no need to and you actually started to like how the beard looked. Finally, you found yourself a good beard community to buy oils, balms and accessories to keep it up. Now you’re in it for life.

Metamorphosis Change

Arguably one of the most noble and esoteric reasons of them all. You needed a change in your life. All preconditions for a beard were already met and you thought a beard would be a loyal counterpart in your new mission of life.

Metamorphosis Beard.jpg
Within and without question, for that is the answer. 

Perhaps you vowed to grow the beard until you finished writing the next great novel of the 21st century. Maybe it was even for a cause that extended into your life’s mission. The longer your beard would grow, the more dedicated and committed you were to your new calling in life. Picture it now, a young guy with nothing but the world ahead of him. He decides that his new journey calls for a physical manifestation of his newfound purpose.

Tirelessly he works to achieve his goals, day in and day out. The sun rises and it sets, another day another step in the right direction. There are stray trails, there are obstacles everywhere afoot, things that seek to take him off his path, but still he perseveres. The beard grows in tow, a new companion to caress, as he continues on. The beard, a mark of his journey.


2 thoughts on “5 Major Reasons Men Grow Their Beards”

  1. Hey, I really liked this read. I would like to see more stuff like this.

    I didn’t start growing my beard until I got of high school due to my parents, and the fact that my dad was in the military and preferred me to stay clean shaven.

    I myself started growing out my beard because I saw that made me look older and more attractive.

    Of course there were times I felt like I had to shave it, like when looking for work, a girl would want me to shave it when we started getting serious, when mom would constantly nag me to shave it, cause it made me look scroungy, or when I would go to a recruiters office and they would tell about why they don’t allow beards is due to risk of feces.

    Whatever the reason, I eventually stopped shaving except to groom it. I still have a problem with baby beard. My beard has spots where it doesn’t quite fill in, and I need help in that area.


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