Influential Mustaches Throughout History

Throughout human history many great men rocked some massive beards. We’d have to write a book about the beard’s contributions to society and civilization. Mustaches on the other hand have had an equally compelling influence on style and the men who wore them.

These mustaches would make any new Movember participant proud. By this point if you’re rocking a stache or trying to grow one, look at some of these men for inspiration.

Teddy Roosevelt

TEDDY .jpg

Quite presidential I’d say. He was one of our last presidents to rock facial hair in office.

The 26th President of the United States was not one to be trifled with. He was born sickly and told by doctors to live a sedentary life so as to not injure himself or succumb to death. Roosevelt ignored them right away and said “Doctor, I’m going to do all the things you tell me not to do.” He had a huge personality and even bigger mustache.

Roosevelt was an author and established outdoorsmen. He loved hunting, fighting and living his life to the fullest. After the death of his wife and mother, he took time to regroup in the wilderness of the great Wild American West. After his presidency was over he lobbied to the current president Woodrow Wilson to allow him to enlist and fight in World War I at the age of 58.

Movie Star Mustache


Now this isn’t exactly one man, but an idea of a mustache that has been prevalent in many movies during our cinematic history. The likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and more have debuted this ultimate mustache they sometimes bring into their real lives.

It is defined by a brief mustache that covers the whole length of their upper lip. Most of the time it will vary from a thick and well groomed stache to a thin carefully cut down look.

Probably one of the most iconic movie star mustaches goes to Tom Selleck. He is synonymous with his upper lip hair making it part of his very identity. No movie star list would be complete without that.

Frederich Nietzsche


The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had one of the most out there mustaches that was actually quite popular during its time. Here we can see it’s pretty tame but he’d often grow it out to be a walrus mustache. This type of mustache is thick and very bushy. Its defining feature is that it droops over the mouth and looks like a walrus.

This was supposedly a trait of the older Celts and Gauls. It became pretty popular in the 19th and 20th centuries. All walks of life tried this mustache on for size, but Nietzsche takes the throne for most Ubermensch like quality of them all.  

Albert Einstein

Einstein .jpg

Many people think of the genius as just having a great mind, but he also had a stellar mustache. Einstein was one of the greatest minds to ever walk this earth. His contributions to science and the world are unmatched.

His style was uniquely his and became an archetype for the mad scientist look. For you older guys out there or prematurely white hairs, look no further than your new fashion icon Einstein. Maybe you can do without the mad hair though.



One member out the iconic Cheech and Chong duo is one of the coolest mustaches around man. These two guys were perfect counterparts to one another and hilarious comedians. The 1970s and 1980s featured these two everywhere, taking the counterculture and making some great cult classics and funny movies and sketches.

Cheech’s mustache wouldn’t be complete without comparing it to the classic hippie beard Chong had. Cheech’s mustache was usually long and would drop down on each side. He kept it pretty much uniform throughout the entirety of his career.


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