Career Paths and the Workforce for Bearded Brothers

Career Paths and the Workforce for Bearded Brothers

There’s an ever-growing population of bearded men, and unfortunately not everyone shares their enthusiasm for facial hair. In the professional world, there are still many companies and career fields that have facial hair dress codes.

Think about the last time you applied for a job (or considered applying). Did your friends or family members ask if you were going to shave?  For some reason, this knee-jerk notion is hardwired into our cultural preconditions for employment. It’s an antiquated idea that’s slowly receding to the beardless dark ages from whence it came (the 1950’s).

Let’s dig a little deeper and discuss the pros and cons of having a glorious outgrowth in the working world.

Conflicted Non-Decision

Let’s be honest here; shaving the beard is a non-decision. It really is. If a company doesn’t want to hire you solely because of your beard, then they’re not worth your time and energy. But what about the money, security and job title? Is sacrificing your individuality and personhood worth the exchange? That’s up for you to decide.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to the idea that a professional can’t have a beard. This isn’t 1980s Wall Street. Plenty of professionals have beards now. There are very few careers that require shaving as a rule. Military personnel, for example, are disallowed any type of facial hair aside from a few mustache exceptions. There are some religious exceptions for beards in the US military, and similar exceptions vary by culture and national military.

Accommodating the Man  

Do some research on your chosen career and assess what the “look” is. You’ll find that many men in the food and hospitality industry are rocking beards without a problem. It isn’t an anomaly to see heavily bearded brothers working at a grocery store or even in a kitchen. Some food processing industries will make you wear a food net which is no problem. It’s a far better option than chopping off your manhood.


Before you go into any job interview, make sure that your beard is in prime condition. That might mean shaping and styling your beard to make it presentable and well-groomed. You can even use the beard as a point of conversation and something to break the ice. You’ll find there are plenty of places that won’t care about your beard at all.

Beard Friendly Careers

Pretty much anything in the startup field is going to be beard friendly. That includes some major Fortune 500 companies. Anything in tech is usually reserved for intelligent, creative folks who could care less about your personal style choices. Most freelancers and businessmen have free-reign grow as they please; and working in any artistic field basically gives you a license to have the biggest, craziest beard you can- That’s some true freedom right there.


The shift towards beards becoming common in the workplace treads in the direction of more freedom. For this is no style trend; It’s a way of life. The more you show that your beard can be clean, groomed and look great, the more we will infiltrate all walks of life. Here’s to hoping we get some bearded politicians within the next few election cycles too. 


  • I’ve found that my beard doesn’t hold me back when trying to get a job but infact helps me. In the past I’ve had too go through long interview processes to get jobs, but I’ve just been to two interviews in the past month and both of them were supposed to be long interview processes. However, a good trim at the barbers, combined with a new waist coat and some nice perfume, landed me with both jobs after just one interview, one of them being my dream job. Beards rock.

    February 19, 2017
  • Amen! Keep on changing the negative stigma associated with beards.

    Beard on!

    Your Bearded Cop
    Twitter and instagram @TheBeardedCop

    February 19, 2017

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