Holiday Grooming: Black Friday Beard Kit

It’s the time of the season, where beards run long. Holiday shopping has commenced and you’re probably thinking about how to keep the beard at peak condition. The time is right to add to your bearded portfolio.

A lot of guys understand the merits behind using just a great oil. If you’re really trying to up your beard game this winter, then you’re going to need a lot more than just that. We’ve come out with a great deal for Black Friday and the following weekend.

Black Friday Deal

New members and old alike, will find the new Dollar Beard Club Black Friday deal will set you up for the next couple of months to come. It’ll blast you off into a great new year.

The kit comes with the following:


All of this is a $62.00 value for only $29.99. Click here to take advantage of this limited time offer. This entire package value is a great gift for a new burgeoning beardsman or if you’re thinking of taking yourself to the next level.

The beard oil, balm, and shampoo is standard for a perfectionist routine.

Savings for the Season

Winter is a time that you want to have a long beard. It helps keep you warm and stop the harsh winds from breaking and stunting the growth of your beard. The entire Black Friday package will be your savior for the winter.

New guys coming off of No-shave November will find that they need a lot more for their beards than just soap and water. They’re growing out their mustaches and beards in some rough months. Might as well go head first and get the most out of your newfound initiation to the brotherhood.

Our guys who have been here a while and want more out of their grooming regiment, will find the Black Friday deal more than helpful for themselves. It’s more than just oil after a certain point. Beards do crazy things. The oil is a great base followed by a balm to shape any unruly out-there beards.

Think of your newly grown beard as a child going through tantrums and those rebellious phases. The Black Friday deal turns these adolescents beards on their head and gives them the discipline they need.

Additional Benefits

A lot of guys have yet to feel the benefits of what two combs and one brush can do for the face. The sandalwood mustache comb for example is expertly crafted to untangle the mustache and keep it out of your mouth.


Many items do well when they’re used in tandem with one another. After you’ve combed and then brushed out your beard, use the balm to keep your beard in place.

Our shampoo is an extra step towards organic well-groomed hair and becomes part of the full package.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with the money clip. It’s a cool styling tool to keep your money in place and show the world you and your beard mean business. Take advantage of this deal today for you or a fellow beardsman.

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