Christmas Beards: Do’s and Dont’s

Christmas time is right around the corner. But this won’t come as a surprise to you considering the holiday season always starts early. For some out there this may be your first bearded holiday season. Others may be veterans of this Yule season. We’ve compiled a set of guidelines for our brothers to traverse the holidays.

Thanksgiving is one for the books and now we face a few more holidays, depending on what you celebrate and then it’s time to bring in the new year. There is a lot to look forward to this winter season. Let’s dive in.

Experience the Season

It’s the winter season and with that comes new style and grooming choices for your beard. The harsh winds will do a number on your beard if you’re not careful. Look out for some good food this holiday season. The big Thanksgiving dinner is finished, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. A lot of traditions have equally compelling and large dinners for Christmas.

Do take part in the delicious meals this Christmas. Just make sure you know how to eat right with your bushy companion. For our guys with greying or white beards, go ahead and use that to your advantage as much as you can. You have free reign to dress up as Santa and Ho Ho Ho your way around any parties you may find yourself in. Bonus points for the brothers who want to pull off that Jesus look. Put on a robe of some kind and get proselytizing with good cheer while spiking the egg nog.


Always be on the lookout for a good ironic Christmas sweater. Ugly sweater parties have been all the rage the past couple of years. Wearing a beard with your sweater will totally change the look. As usual, the longer the better. A turtle neck with that typical green and red wooly look will complete your ascent into a ironic self-aware Christmas sweater wearing guy.

There are a few things you’d also do well to avoid this Christmas.

Don’ts of the Holiday

Many of you may be tempted to decorate your beards in some way. While this may sound like a good idea at the time you’ll probably regret it. If you’ve ever had glitter in your beard for some reason (don’t ask,) you know how hard it is to get that stuff out of there. Glitter may be a cool accessory for the holidays but it’s also near impossible to get out after a few showers. You’ll be picking out specks for about a month.

Ornaments on the other hand are another issue. Hanging things from your beard sounds like a clever idea at the time. But give it over half an hour and you will be tearing them out of your beard. Be careful what you put on your makeshift upside-down face tree. We’re not saying to completely avoid decoration of your beard, but think about it before going through with something that may be uncomfortable and not worth it.


The holidays aren’t only a time to be feasting upon gargantuan meals, but it’s another part of the year you may be faced with some other types of treats. Be careful for all you would-be Santa’s, as those cookies and milk can take a toll on the physique. Just keep in mind that you’ll be readying yourself for beach season in a few months time.

Beard on through the holiday’s brothers, celebrate another month into the bearded brotherhood.

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