Best Video Game Beards of All Time

There have been a lot of great video game characters to grace our screens. In the realm of gaming, beards are definitely not under-represented. These are some great beards and mustaches that stand out for our most beloved characters. Our characters would be incomplete without their facial locks.

Each character has a place in their respective genre, individual game and their place in the story. Take a trip down memory lane and check out the greatest bearded brothers in their respective game worlds.

Barett Wallace (Final Fantasy 7)

The Final Fantasy series has some really out-there storylines and equally compelling characters. The seventh iteration of this series for example, follows an amnesic genetically engineered super soldier and his gang of rebel freedom fighters. Our beardless leader is Cloud and he wields a sword that is about twice his size.

One of the first guys Cloud and the player meets is Barrett. He’s a no nonsense leader of an eco-terrorist group called AVALANCHE. Barret is brash and ready for a fight to protect his world. He also has a machine gun for an arm. After an accident  — a badass fighting one at that — in his home town he decided to replace his hand with a gun.

Barrett Beard.png

Throughout the epic story that is Final Fantasy 7 you’ll grow to love Barrett as a character. His special attacks shoot out comet-sized bullets out from his arm, he’s not one to be messed with. Barret has a soft-side too, but is torn between being with his family and having to save the planet.

Trevor (GTA V)

Grand Theft Auto V was one of the most expansive and immersive GTA’s yet. You have free reign to control three different characters. One of the craziest characters to ever come our way was none other than Trevor Phillips. While he doesn’t have a beard when you first meet him, the player has the option to equip him with a bushy facial forest. If you’ve never done this to Trevor, stop what you’re doing right now and do it.

This crazed psychopath will look all the more menacing. Feel free to free fall from a helicopter mowing down the denizens of San Andreas, while Trevor manically enjoys every minute of it.

Trevor Beard .jpg

We all love a good cop chase down GTA boulevard. Trevor is your best player to use when you’re ready to cause some mayhem. Trevor is voiced by a phenomenal actor , Steven Ogg, who can currently be found on popular shows like The Walking Dead and Westworld. You’ll see him rocking a straight stache or the mustache & sideburns sans beard style.


Hey ah… it’s ah Mario! It’s your favorite plumber Mario. While he doesn’t have a beard per say, his mustache makes up for it. This character has been with us for three decades and before you know it will be almost 40 years old! There really isn’t a gamer out there who hasn’t played Mario in one of his many forms.


Mario is a classic man and also one of the prototypical heroes in our early gaming generations. He was our favorite character to outrun ghosts with and race to save the princess. Later you fought with him against other legendary characters and spun him out countless of times on the Super Mario Racetrack. This is a character that will be with us for many years to come.

World of Warcraft (Various Races)

There are just far too many characters in the hugely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. WoW for our veterans, know that this game is filled with incredible lore and adventure at every turn. At 12 years old this is a game that has stood the test of time. Along the way they’ve introduced us to incredible species of characters with dynamite manes.

First we’ll start with our Alliance faction. No human character was complete without adding a little facial scruff. Probably one of the coolest races most newbie 12 year olds picked was a Night Elf hunter (come on, we all did.) A blue skinned, incredibly tall and long green, purple or blue beard is all the rage.


The next few expansions gave us Draenei who basically are born with beards and Worgen who are constant werewolves, the patron saint of bearded creatures. You can’t forget the Dwarves either, but that’s a given in any fantasy game.

Over on the horde side we had Taurens and Orcs who are the quintessential anthropomorphized monsters of fantasy. A Tauren is basically a big bull. Aside from their massive horns sticking out of their faces, they were renowned for their long braided beards. Stocky orcs added an extra dimension to their ferocity with different colored braids straight down to their chests. These were some of the standout characters of WoW.


Zangief (Street Fighter) 

Another one that we’re kicking it back old school. Zangief was part of the massive armada of fighters in various Street Fighter games. He’s an absolute beast made of pure muscle. Legend has it his beard could fight off leagues of his own.

Zangief .gif

Zangief is one of the most popular characters among many gaming audiences and he’s a cornerstone to the Street Fighter franchise. His beard style is simple and well groomed above the chin. Like many of our best characters of all time, this isn’t a guy you’d like to mess with.

Keep an eye out for future gamer beardos who may earn their keep one day and join amongst the greatest.

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