How to Become a Modern Mountain Man

Many great things in life start with a beard. Wielding a beard on your face means that you’re real and genuine. After all, you can’t fake a beard. But if there is one thing that a beard affords its wearer is true rugged masculinity. This facial real estate isn’t just for show — well maybe a little.

A top pursuit any bearded brother can embark on is a journey through something older and more timeless than ourselves. The mountains are calling. Hiking and battling it out with the elements is one of the most fulfilling adventures you can go on. While we may not be trapping and hunting game like we used to, there is something else we can enjoy to its fullest.

A Return to Nature

Honestly ask yourself when was the last time you went for a stroll in the woods. Maybe it could have just been a walk in the park. The point is that our disconnect from nature isn’t healthy, even for the modern man.

Hiking is a great way to gain this connection back into nature. There is something about putting yourself against the heights, steep paths and taste of the unknown that is great for the bearded soul. Now, there are a lot of outdoor activities that we can engage in to start getting more active. But mountaineering and hiking just seem to go hand in hand with beard(er)ing.


Before you go off on some epic trip to the nearest peak, see what you have around your area. Flatlander’s may have to search a little bit for the nearest national park of some sort. Before you gather up the beard squad there is a few things you’ll need to do in order to prepare.

Preparation for a New Lifestyle

It should go without saying that you’ll want to have some beard care on the go packed with you in case of an emergency. The first thing you’ll want to have with you is a sturdy pair of hiking boots or gym shoes. The former is going to be something that can be used over and over again. It’ll help support your feet and not leave you sore for future adventures. A hike can be an all day affair or an hour venture into the mountains and below. Bring your dog, your friends or significant other.

You don’t want to end up like James Franco if you’re still a newcomer to the mountain hike. Bring plenty of water and buy a hiking pack camelback combo if you really want to be prepared. The act of the first hike will thrust you into a world of outdoorsmen. Every bearded man’s foray into the wild should start with the mountains.

Look through the annals of the history books and you’ll see that the mountain and beard have always been synonymous to one another. Next thing you know you’ll be canoeing, deep sea diving and wrasslin’ bears. Becoming a modern day mountain man is another way to become worldly and seek adventure in new locales.

Transformative Power

It’s a great thing to get outside of your comfort zone. Doing the unexpected and getting active will help you in a few other ways. If you’ve been heading to the gym for a while, the outdoors becomes a new outlet of physicality.


Our lives are goal oriented. It’s this fact that brings us down a path of beard envy. Just a little longer, curlier, wavier. Apply this same goal oriented approach to the new pursuit of becoming a mountain man. Bearded brothers do it big. You didn’t just pick up a new hiking hobby, nope you became a damn mountain man.

Beard on brothers and let your newfound purpose set you to greater heights than ever imagined.

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