How the Elements Affect Your Beard

There is a lot of guys who tend to only grow their beard during the winter months. While being a “halfer” isn’t the worst thing you could do, it isn’t the best either. A lot of guys think that they need to shave for the summer for fear of the hot weather.

The idea may be rooted in some decent assumptions, they’re still only that. Beards warm us up in a complex matter. They’re not necessarily acting as insulators but instead shields.

Think about the shade during the winter, nestled underneath a tree. It’s going to protect you from the harsh winds and shield you from the brunt of the cold. That same tree in the summertime is going to shade you from the blistering sun and heat. There is a few ways your beard reacts to the elements.

Regulating Temperature

Everyone sweats in the summer. If you’re outside long enough it is bound to happen. It is also a time that you’re going to be a lot more active. Pair these two things together and sweat will be your trusty companion. This is right about the time that less than savory beardos nope right out of championing their beards. To this we say, “Wait just a minute!”

Beards aren’t only used as a protective shield but are also there to help regulate temperature through sweat. It creates a natural cooling effect as the sweat evaporates and flows throughout your bearded tunnels. Your ventilation services will be kicking into overdrive.


The hotter months do bring a few caveats to beard care, just as much as winter beard care does. For one, sweat can begin to irritate your skin. This dreaded itchiness will bring about the dreaded beard shed. It’s more important than ever to keep your maintenance up so that the beard can continue to be an elemental temperament.

A Companion to the Sun

Scientists have found that beards block 95% of UV rays. We’re all attracted to the great outdoors at some point or the other. The summer is a time of action outside and filled with outdoor grilling and adventure. The things that can get stuck in your beard really begin to add up. This may seem like an odd correlation, but the sun brings new things into our beards we must be aware of.

Don’t think that the sun goes away during the winter months. It’s not only going to keep you warm, but also stop the UV from reflecting off the pale white snow and onto your face. After a while you begin to realize that there is never a time to shave your face.


Water is another companion element that our beard contends with during all seasons of the year. It comes in different forms throughout the year. Sometimes it comes as a mist in a newborn spring or pointed frozen icicle. During the summer months you and your beard will be calling the ocean depths your home or pool depths.

Watch out for the chlorinated water as this can dry out your beard in no time. Fresh bodies of water on the other hand will have the opposite effect. The water will help you gain that sun soaked look from reflected sunlight.

Keep the moisture up as your beard weathers through all of these different elements. You’ll be better with it than without it.

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