Hidden Beard Maintenance Tips

The majority of guys are pretty set on their grooming habits. Hair’s getting too long, cut it. Beard itches, shave it. These things are easy and anyone can do it.

Instead we choose to grow our beards. We choose to grow our beard this year and beyond, not because it was easy, but because it was hard, because the goal was to organize our ruffled hairs and measure it out when we hit the Yeard. The challenge is one we’re willing to accept and one we intend to conquer. -John B. Kennedy, 35th President of the Council of Beards.

There is the known and the unknown and in between is the hidden habits we need to keep our beards in top shape. If you have been paying attention you know the main tenets of grooming your beard. All essential tools like oils, balms, shampoos and the like are essential in keeping the mane in shape.

Instead we’re looking into the depths of beard care. The upkeep and potential distress hidden in plain sight.

Everyday Occurrences

A lot of us shower at least once a day or break it up throughout the week — hopefully. Whether or not we choose to condition the countenanced coif or not is up to our own discretion. But one way or another the beard is going to get wet either through a deep cleanse or friendly fire from the shower head.

The question is then how to dry the beard. The brotherhood is all about natural remedies to our beard. This may infer to let the beard air dry, but we’re going to want to avoid that. Tap water usually harbors some heavy minerals regardless of the filtration system.


When these get trapped in your beard hair and then dry, it can let the minerals dissolve in your beard. Keep doing this for too long and you’ll find the beard has become brittle from air drying. This is when the hidden drying trick comes into play. Wrap your towel lightly around your hands and then dab your face, going from one end to the other. This will absorb the water and dry the beard and shape it all at once.

During this time is when you can get a good comb or brush in, depending on your hair type.  

Training Class

Hair is something that can be trained. This also applies to beards. One of the main areas on your face you’ll want to start training right away is your mustache. Unless you’re trying to look like Nietzsche and spend your life lamenting life through a Nihilistic lens than its better to train the mustache. Your meal time will thank you.

The easiest way to go about training your mustache for comfort and growth is through the twist and curl. Take your thumb and index finger and lube it up with some wax. Start from the interior and curl outwards away from your lips and into your desired style. An abbreviated handlebar mustache style looks good without being too out there. Curling the mustache downwards to the rest of the beard is also another viable style.


The twist and curl helps you keep your mustache off your lips and trains it for further growth. That is to say, the mustache in theory will grow where you direct it. You’ll also form another habit, curling your mustache in mock maniacal fashion anytime your bored (best paired with a philosopher’s beard stroke.)

Cutting the Fat

Brushing your hair everyday is a great way to keep your hair vital and healthy. Part of the reason this is done is to remove split ends, strays and dead hairs. The same concept is applied to the beard. You can either head to a barber or cut it yourself every few weeks to month if you need to.

But don’t be afraid to use your hands every once in a while. This means running your hands through your beard and mustache while picking out the weak stragglers. This should be done in moderation as you don’t want to upset the tranquil balance. For curlier beards you can usually unravel some knots and be gifted with a bounty of weaklings. Just be cautious where you do this as it can leave a mess of hairs.

These are all everyday occurrences that should be watched with care. Along the way you’ll find these hidden quick maintenance tips will be taking you in the right direction of a magnificent mane.


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