Geographical Prominence of the Beard

Throughout the world we see beards that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The United States itself is a mixture of different styles and microcosms of bearded culture from one city to the next. There seems to be different trends from one geographical area to the next.

While what we’re showing isn’t exact science, it is instead based off of cultural trends, individual styles and what we’ve seen or heard with our own senses throughout the country. We’ll start by our own choosing of major geographical regions or similar areas.

West Coast & Coastal Towns

There have always been enclaves in the United States that were bastions for social movements and areas of free thought. The counter culture is still very much alive in many coastal towns and cities. Many times you’ll have a hard time differentiating  between an established businessman from a seeking drifter. That is until you catch a whiff of a sandalwood infused beard drifting by. Then you know they’re part of a the Beard Club.


These types of areas in the United States are much more laid back and there isn’t a stigma attached to a big bearded man. It’s a nice change of pace if you live in a place with many clean shaven folks. Ladies are accustomed to the fresh scent of a groomed beardsman. You’re at a disadvantage here if you don’t have a beard.

The beard styles you’ll come across here are usually the full beard types. Be careful not to catch a case of beard envy as you’re bound to see some massive manes. Occasionally you’ll see some regular burgeoning beards, but for the most part this is beard valhalla.

Hip City Terrain

We’re talking big cities here. New York City, Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, and Seattle are a couple that come to mind. In every major city there is bound to be an up and coming neighborhood filled with artistic types and bohemian vibes. It’s hip to be square here man. Brooklyn in New York, Wicker Park in Chicago or Northpark in San Diego.

Be on the lookout for a ridiculous amount of flanneled crowds with equally sharp ironic mustaches to complete the look. While there may be a stigma against the so called Hipster, don’t be so quick to judge. We’re all in the bearded brotherhood together. Not to mention the rare accounts of any self-aware ironic parody of the times admitting they were in fact a hipster begs the question. Do hipsters really even exist?


Stop at the local bar here and kick back a few MGDs. The hottest spots are places without signs or vintage themed designs. Throughout the rest of the city you may find more equally bearded brothers. But you’re bound to fit in here. Nearly every bouncer has a kickass beard. Its kind of part of the requirements for the job.

Down South & Rural Areas

Bountiful beards, bitter bourbon, and beautiful southern belles.. woohweee the south is a place to be. It’s almost a given that anywhere around the rural south or in some more metropolitan and urban areas you’ll find a healthy dosage of beards.

Drinking whiskey goes hand in hand with beards. It’s not even a question as you’ll be drinking with the best of them. People take their time down here and you’re ready for some southern hospitality. This is a place of outdoorsmen and classic mountain men.


There isn’t much of a reason to shave when you’re working through the heat and sweltering weather down on the bayou. Well there really isn’t ever a reason to shave is there? For our ranchers up in Montana and other northern areas of North America it’s good to be prepared for the onslaught of winter. 

Our brotherhood only grows stronger each day. Spread throughout the United States and soon in more jurisdictions throughout the world. The Beardization of America has taken place. It draws nearer that one day we will all stand under a united banner.

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