Creative Uses for Beard Oil

The importance of beard oil cannot be overstated. It is an essential part of any good grooming routine, and it’s benefit is without question. Oils are simple to use: Take the bottle, pour a designated amount into your palm, and rub into your beard thoroughly. Simple.

What you may not have considered are all the other uses for your monthly supply of beard oil. Aside from keeping your beard think, glossy and strong, beard oil can improve your hygiene and style, and our all natural formula has some great supplementary benefits.

Healthy Beard, Healthy Skin

Our oils come with two incredibly important ingredients: Argan oil and Jojoba oil. Both of these help keep your beard moisturized. Beard oil can be applied to the rest of your face as a powerful moisturizer. Oil can be used to your cheeks, nose and forehead. Basically everywhere the mighty mane does not reign. This promotes healthy skin and it can even help eliminate acne.

So don’t let any of that oil go to waste the next time you’re grooming your beard. Just rub the rest into your face.

Hair Style

All great beards need an equally badass hair style. If you don’t feel like putting the remnants of your oil on your face, then look up. Slick some into your flow and reap the benefits of another all natural solution. Most guys don’t use product in their hair, and if they do it’s most likely doing more harm than good.

shutterstock_371719750 (1).jpg

Beard oil has multiple benefits that even surpass most hair products. For one, it acts as a smooth styling oil. A simple coifed back look works well- whether you’re growing out the flow or channeling your inner Elvis.

It also helps to condition your hair leaving it softer and glossier. No need to jump into the shower to get that fresh shine- all you need is a quick slick. On top of that, oils actually act as a natural sunscreen. So you can get that sun-dripped look without the damage.

Multi-Purpose Use

If you haven’t quite exhausted your entire months worth of beard supplies, then it’s time to experiment with your oils a bit. Try using the oil as an all purpose grease for your tools. If you’re prone to dry skin, then try applying some oil to your dry spots and damaged skin.

You could also use the oil for it’s amazing scent. Rub some of your oil on your neck and arms for a powerful woodsy scent that lasts for hours.


If you have some kind of vaporizer or incense, then dab a few drops of beard oil into it, and enjoy the aroma all day. There isn’t anything quite like the rustic sandalwood smell in the dead of winter.

You can get creative with your leftover oil bottles too. Reuse them around the house, (or build a shrine to honor your beard). Just remember that beard oil is one of the most versatile products you have, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of it’s near limitless potential.

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