Foods to Bolster Beard Growth

There are a lot of different factors that determine how your beard is going to grow. Genetics play a major role along with how old you are, hormones and what you eat. Nutrient deficiencies are a big factor in how healthy your hair and skin appears.

If you’ve been predisposed to patchy beards and lackluster locks there is still hope for you. Our potent growth oils and supplementation will get you nearly all the way there, but you shouldn’t neglect the power of food either.

Meal Time Done Right

No amount of product is going to counter a faulty diet. There’s no need to be a saint right away, but you can start trying a little each day. Keep the bearded vision in mind. A lot of us slip up when it comes to snacking. This is the first thing that needs to be phased out. It’s the little things that begin to add up.

The reason we snack a lot of times is because we’re bored or just like the taste of something sugary and sweet. This is something that is not good for the beard. That is why you’ll want to switch it up for something that is both sweet and healthy.


Tangerines and oranges are two things that come to mind. Vitamin C is essential as it allows you to absorb iron, another essential vitamin for hair health. B12 is found in tangerines and helps promote growth. Just reach for these fruits when you need a sweet and healthy snack.

Spinach is filled with iron and helps secrete sebum which conditions hair and makes it glossy and soft. It also comes with a healthy serving of omega-3 acids, potassium and calcium. Spinach is a super food and contributes to your overall health as well.  

Important Meal of the Day

Get breakfast done right. Eggs are the first thing that come to mind in the morning, and they very well should be. Eggs have a load of biotin in them which is a godsend for hair growth. It turns brittle bristles into burgeoning boulders. Pair those eggs with a healthy serving of lean chicken, steak or salmon and you’re off to a great day.

Don’t forget to include a few growth pills in your regimen. They help prevent nutrient deficiencies with botanical extracts, and they rid your beard of patches. When you combine the right food with appropriate supplementation your beard will be sure to thank you!

These are just a few of the foods you can use to bolster your beard growth. Start eating right brothers, and we’ll do the rest.

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