Understanding the Differences Between: Balm, Wax & Cream

We have made a solemn oath to help take care of your beard. We do this through the tools of our trade. The only thing you should be worrying about with your beard is how great it looks. In order to do that we’ve curated our beard oil, which is more than satisfactory to keeping a beard healthy and in check.

Our oil acts as the base. But our essentials add the finishing touches to beard health, growth and style. Throughout your bearded journey you may have wondered what the difference was between balms, wax and cream. These are all paramount to controlling different types of beards. The difference in each respective essential comes down to a few key points that we’re going to explore.

Beard Balm

Our beard balm comes in two distinct scents, regular and sandalwood. It is at once something by itself and at the same time a combination of essential oils and wax. The balm is a conglomerate of two mighty forces. It will give you the essential oils that you need as well as conditioning and allowing you to style your beard.

Balm is ideal for beards of any length— whether you’re just getting started or you’ve got a full blown “yeard.” The longer your beard gets the more you’ll need a stronger hold.

Beard Wax

Beard and mustache wax is ideal for those places of unruliness. If you’ve ever seen a perfectly tamed handlebar mustache, then you know the power of wax. Gel is the equivalent essential for grooming and styling hair. The wax is there to tame the wild.

Wax will not only help maintain the whiskers from jutting out everywhere, but also give a much fuller look. Sometimes our beards will stick out too much on the sides or condense into one spot. While you’re out brushing your beard you can then apply wax. Rest assured that this beard will not be going anywhere.

Beard Cream

Creams are an interesting touch that many beardos don’t take into account. It is available for a finishing touch. Creams can be added with a wax or balm to add more shine to the beard. It also helps to soften the rougher wiry hairs hanging off. You’ll most likely find this under the chin and within the neck hairs.

It helps to give a non-greasy look to enhance your beard after a solid oil regiment. Ideally it is used in concurrent use with a balm or wax combination and oil. That extra sheen is highly noticeable afterwards.

Our beards are a vibrant affair and we should know the inner workings of our products that grace our extended chins. Now use your knowledge to figure out if you’re more of a waxy type of guy or a cream rising to the top beardsman. The choice is yours, and we’ll do the rest.

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