Top 10 Daily Comments Every Bearded Man Receives

Facial hair is a daily topic of conversation for bearded men— largely because everyone seems to have something to say, or a pressing question to ask about the beard. Here are some of the most common comments beards are bound to hear:

1. Did you forget to shave?

This comment is usually for a new bearded brothers. The shift from the non-shave to bearded brotherhood is a rite of passage. This comment may persist if you’re a man who likes to rock the scruff at times.

This is my life now.

2. How long have you been growing it?

Once you answer this question you’ll receive one of two perspectives: People will think that you’ve been growing for an incredibly long time and those who suggest it hasn’t been long at all. REGARDLESS- the perspective rests with the beard who grows it. A Yeard is serious business.

3. I wish I could grow a beard like that.

When someone says this to you it’s a sure way for them to be on the path towards beard envy. You have to wonder what’s stopping them from growing their own facial hair. Encourage the burgeoning brother— he may cultivate a garden of his own.

4. Do girls like you beard?

No. Women do. Next question.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.09.22 PM.png

5. My work won’t let me grow it any longer than this.

Suggest they reconsider their occupation. If growing your beard is something you really want to do then do it. Speak to your employer and see if you can do something about changing your current circumstance.

6. You look like Grizzly Adams.

Excellent reference. This name can be replaced by a multitude of other bearded brothers— Take it as one of your premier compliments.


7. Hell of a beard, brother.

Common greeting from one beard to another. Exchange bearded tips and tricks. Let them know you belong to the club and so do they.

8. Just shaved mine off a while back.

Curse them silently under your breath. Encourage them to get them back into the game. They’re missing an essential part of their being

9. I’ve been thinking about growing mine out for a while.

Encouragement. Again, get these guys to take the right step. This isn’t a solitary journey by any means. There are beards at all different levels that could do with a moral boost. We are a brotherhood after all.

10. My dad used to have a beard like that

Replace dad for cousin, brother, boyfriend or some manly bearded figure in this person’s life. You and their extended family or friends share an undeniable bond that the beardless will never understand… never.


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