How to Trim a Beard

There may come a time in your beard’s life when it needs a little trim. This might seem simple, but there are some important skills and tools to familiarize yourself with before you tackle the task—so take notes:

Useful Trimming Items:

  • Boar Bristle Brush
  • Electronic Razor (Optional)
  • Scissors (Non-Safety)
  • Beard Comb

The process of a beard trim can be broken down into a few key steps.

1. Determine Your Beard Type (Length)

For simplicity’s sake, there are three lengths of beard: short, medium, and long. Facial hair also has varied levels of curls and thickness. For a trim, beard length is what you’re mostly concerned with.

Longer beards will rely more on using a brush and scissors to cut through that forest of tangled hair. Short and medium length beards can typically be trimmed with an electronic razor.

2. Brush the Beard Out

Begin by brushing your beard out with a comb or beard brush. The most suspect areas for a trim are the chin and below the jawline. It’s important that all stray hairs have been brushed off and everything is visible. Shorter beards can benefit from a good brushing too.

3. Cut the Beard

There are two good methods for cutting your beard you should be aware of. The first will require your beard comb and scissors. These tools can be used for all beard lengths.

METHOD 1: Take the comb and put it in the midst of your facial hair. Let the intended amount you want to trim stick through the teeth. This could be an inch or only a fraction of an inch. Use the scissors to cut away at the hairs that stick through. Methodically move from one area to the next.  


METHOD 2: Again, hold the comb at the length you’d like to but, but this time use an electric razor for a tighter trim. The comb can then be turned around and its edge can be used to guide the buzzing of the neckline, cheeks and sideburns.

4. Beardscape & Clean-Up 

After the trimming has been done, it’s time to go through the beard with a fine tooth comb (and scissors). Look for any flyaway hairs and get rid of them individually.

Now is a good time for a shower with some beard shampoo (a face rinse & oil combo will do the job as well).

Grey beard & Scissors

These are just a basic blueprint for a regular beard trim. Individual styles will vary, and you may develop your own beardscaping tricks and techniques over time.

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