What is Peak Beard?

What is Peak Beard?


There is a benchmark that only a few great beards will reach in their lifetime. It is the “peak beard.” This isn’t a media buzzword declaring the end of beards is nigh. No, beards haven’t even begun to peak, but when they do.. the whole world is going to feel it.

There are a couple definitions of peak beard. The first is similar to “terminal beard” or “max length.” Men who reach this length have apparently grown out their hair as long as it will possibly go. This wizardly behavior  is a commitment that should be rewarded and revered.

The other definition is a little more loose. “Peak beard,” in a personal sense, is the max length you feel comfortable growing to. The length could be a hearty yeard (year long beard) or somewhere in between. As always, the decision lies with you.

Science for Terminal Length

There is a process behind hair growth. Everything in your body undergoes a kind of systematic growth. Hair growth (including beard growth) consists of a couple different phases:

The first phase is called the Anagen phase. During this time, the stem cells responsible for churning out your hair are firing on all cylinders. The average lifespan for a normal head of hair is around three to five years. Beards, on average, grow about two years. 

The next phase is called the Catagen Phase. During this time, your beard takes a bit of a rest for a few weeks. Hair follicles shrink, and your hair ceases to grow during this phase. Only a minuscule amount of your hair will be involved in this phase at a time.

The final phase is called the Telogen phase. This is when your hairs go to die and are washed up in the rain for Beard Valhalla. Most people know this as the period of shedding. Your beard hairs will all reach this phase of the cycle in time.  

Different areas of your beard also grow at completely different rates, and lot of your beard growth is up to your own genetic makeup. These phases of beard growth will come and go, but one thing is certain: every man has the ability to experience terminal length.

Self-Imposed Peak

Many men out there are happy with a shorter length— show yourselves! If that is the case, then they have reached their own personal peak beard. Growing a beard to it’s maximum length takes dedication and commitment— your length preference will likely change over time, so you don’t need to limit yourself to a self-imposed peak forever.

These two versions of “peak beard” represent nature’s limits and each man’s personal limitations. Just keep growing to discover your own peak beard!



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