How to get her to love the beard

How to get her to love the beard

There’s a popular, almost cliche, notion that changing who you are is a natural side-effect of getting into a relationship, and there’s some truth to that.

That change could be something trivial like limiting your intake of garlic during the meal, or something a little more substantial like spending less time on the weekends whooping it up with buddies.
One change though, however fiercely advocated by your significant other, should be avoided at all cost. No matter how much they push, do not cave to any beard-related pressure. Instead, follow these tips and ensure that the love of your life stops telling you to go out and buy a razor.

Keep it clean

First and foremost in this quest to maintain your love and your mane— keep your beard clean. This is such a simple step, but it’s one that is often neglected by the bearded brotherhood. If your face forest is scraggly, coarse, and full of food scraps from who knows how many meals, of course she’ll want you to shave it off. No one wants to get close to someone whose beard is giving off a musky odor, let alone go in for a kiss with someone whose beard looks like it’s a mythical creature that consumes all who dare enter.

PRO TIP: Use some lightly scented beard spray to keep your facial hair smelling fresh— she’ll love it. Use can also use beard shampoo, oil or balm, and comb that luscious mane on the regular. If anything, it will at least remove hygiene from your gal’s list of reasons to pick up a razor.

Communication is key

If, perhaps, your journey toward obtaining a legendary beard began at a similar time to beginning your relationship, awareness is your best weapon in getting her to embrace your mane. Communication is key, so you need to let your partner know that you’re all too aware your facial hair is going through a transformation. Let her know that, although it doesn’t look like much now, with the same patience and dedication you’re putting into your love life your mane will soon look impressive and presentable.

Explain why you love it

Another easy tip is to explain why you love your beard.  Your significant other simply might not understand just why you grow it out to begin with. Let her know that having a beard gives you confidence, makes you feel bold and adventurous, and is an extension of your inner-spirit.   

Make a deal

Bargaining should be your last ditch effort to maintain both your facial hair and your relationship. Maybe see if there’s a length, or style, she prefers and — at least temporarily — halt your quest to grow a Gandalf-esque beard.

There’s a small chance none of these tips will work, and that’s OK. Part of life, and love, is putting yourself out there and trying to establish a real connection with someone in an all too big world. When someone you’re with cannot see the pride and joy that having a beard gives you, that’s a good sign it’s time to get back out there and find someone who appreciates all of you, including your epic mane.


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