Top 6 Beard Growing Pains

Top 6 Beard Growing Pains

Your beard lies in wait underneath your face. It bristles and aches to see the sunlight. Whether you’re a first timer or regrowing your beard, you’ve all experienced some beard growing pains.

Here’s some of the top growing pains young beards have faced on their way to greatness.

No Pain, No Gain

1) Awkward Stages

Also known as the graveyard of potential. This is where you really start growing into your own as a man. Just like the hair on our heads, we all have unique hair textures and features. Some beards grow faster than others – some slower. Your mustache might come in super thick, while your sideburns might lag behind. It’s a different ballgame for everyone.  

Your only option here is patience and proper grooming. This is mostly a psychological problem you’ll have to contend with. Beards take time to mature, but you’ll be able to mess around with some styles during the beard growth process.   

2) Change is Scary For Other People

“Did you forget to shave?” No. Get used to it. Your face is your number one identifier. You’re about to take half of it and completely change it… for the best. Beards change the shape of your face, lengthen it and will ultimately transform you into a better person. Yeah, that’s just science.

Don’t let anyone stop you from your own decision. Jobs, family members, friends, significant others, society, nobody. This is you taking a bearded stand and letting nature do what it does best. Grow! It’s your decision.  

3) Itchy

Scratching and itching are the birth pangs of a beard. Your skin is adjusting to its new mode of existence. This could be due to the dry weather or just your face’s natural tendency to get itchy in the presence of new hair. Either way, this can be combated with beard oil in the early stages of a beard.  

4) Ingrown beard hairs

Anyone can be prone to ingrown facial hair, but it’s usually worse for brothers with curlier or coarse beard hair. What happens with an ingrown hair, is that while growing the hair will bend backwards instead of up and out.

Razors usually pull inwards on the skin and cause the edges of the newly cut follicle to get caught up below the skin. This prevents them from growing upwards. An ingrown hair looks like a strange bump and is usually mistaken for acne. They’re usually painful and itchy but they can be combated. More on that later.   

5) Actual Pain & Beard Bedhead

Yes, sometimes you’ll experience actual pain from your beard. You may have felt this with your hair after you’ve worn a hat for a few too many hours. While the follicles are under stress – say pressed down on a pillow for four hours, they compact together.

You may feel some slight pain sensations as the hair is being tugged in different awkward directions. Not to mention you start to look like an octopus the longer your beard is. This irritation and subpar styling can be remedied by taking a quick shower and drying out the beard.  

6) Patchy

The itches sinister cousin. Nobody likes a patch. Well maybe someone does, but we’ve never met them. Patchy beards can be part of an early growing phase. Your beard is developing throughout your entire life. Filling in strange areas when you’re a little lad to sprouting thick grey streaks when you become a silverback beardo. The patches can be battled with growth vitamins and sprays.    

Quick Tips & Tricks Along the Way

If you just stop shaving, your ingrown facial hairs will be a thing of the past. It’s that simple. For your trims and grooming, make sure to first clean your beard with shampoo and oil. Our upkeep regimen will help you start.

Here’s a few tips to battle your growing pains:

  • Don’t cut over or restart for any reason.
  • Ignore the awkward stage.
  • Keep your face clean during the process.
  • Properly oil, clean and take necessary growth vitamins.
  • Just let it grow. Seriously.  

Your beard will take care of the rest.


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