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The Ultimate Mustache Styling and Grooming Guide

The Ultimate Mustache Styling and Grooming Guide

The Ultimate Mustache Styling and Grooming Guide

Mustache grooming can either be an art and something you like doing or a tedious affair. This little piece of majestic hair between your nose and lip, has a lot of versatility to it. There are an overwhelming amount of mustache styles to choose from.

Not to mention, a rich history of mustaches as well.

Let’s dive into the semantics of the word. The word mustache was originally a French word. It stems from moustachio, an Italian word and from Medieval Latin moustaccium. The original Greek word for it, originally meant upper lip facial hair.

Shaving has been around since the Neolithic era. Some of the first portraits of mustached men comes from 300 BC. Various cultures have a great amount of renown for a strong and long mustache. For example, during the Victorian Era in England the mustache was seen as the mark of a revolutionary, or artist.

Grooming Steps for Different Mustache Styles

One of the most iconic and fashionable mustache styles is The Chevron, famously worn by men like Freddy Mercury, Nick Offerman as fictional Ron Swanson and Tom Selleck. Here you’ll find the mustache grooming tips built around this style of mustache. We recommend either growing out a full beard or mustache before starting to train these styles:

The Chevron

  1. Trim your mustache with some electronic clippers at your desired length – this way your mustache will be one uniform length.
  2. The edges of your mustache should be cut about half an inch around the corners of your mouth. It’s up to you if you want to grow your mustache over your upper lip.
  3. Lastly, make sure to brush your mustache upwards and trim an even and equal line along your lip.

Handlebar Mustache

  1. First, part your mustache down the middle and them comb each side out.
  2. Use a small pair of hair cutting scissors to trim all stray hairs. Start from the middle and cut outwards until you reach the end – slowly cutting less and less until you reach the edge of each side.
  3. Apply your wax to hold the mustache in place. Once it’s been evenly applied, twist the ends of your hair with your fingers and curl the mustache ends upwards.
  4. Finally, make sure each curl on the side of your mustache is even.

Horseshoe Mustache

  1. Take your clipper and trim the mustache down to an even level. Utilize one of the highest guards for your clippers if you must.
  2. Put your finger in a straight line on your mouth downwards to your jaw and guide your trimming all the way to bottom.
  3. Once these bars are equal on both sides of your mustache, look and determine the length you want.

Those are your basic mustache styles. Other unique styles can be achieved with a full beard or by growing your mustache out more in different directions.

The perfect tool for mustache grooming

It’s important to have the right tools for the job. That’s why, when it comes to your mustache, bigger isn’t always better. Our mustache comb is the perfect size to quickly and efficiently get your ‘stache styled. Its smaller stature also means it’s perfect for getting rid of dead or dying follicles and keeping your mustache free of errant, long hairs.

To use the mustache comb:

  1. Begin in the center of your ‘stache and tackle one side at a time
  2. Work the comb from the center toward the left end of your mustache
  3. Then start again at the center and do the same toward the right end
  4. After a few strokes of the mustache comb, your handlebars will be ready for action

Tips for Taming the Mustache

Once you’ve grown out and obtained some serious growth on your beard and mustache, an entire new world of style choices open up. You can twirl your mustache up with a full beard, go from a sleek Chevron or to a hipster flashing handlebar in the blink of an eye.

One of the keys to making these style changes happen is wax.

Mustache wax is the ultimate tool for making sure your new ‘stache comes correct.

By utilizing the power of wax, your face has now become a blank canvas where you can do anything with it. The high concentration of quality beeswax not only gives you the style that you need, but the health for your mustache as well. You don’t want a flaky or hardened mane and stache.

Wax is easy to apply, just take your two fingers and start spreading. Once the wax has been thoroughly massaged into your mustache, twist the tips any which way for the style and type of curl you’re going for. This applies whether or not you have just a mustache or a full beard.

Training the hair

Sometimes there’s a step before you even apply your wax. Maybe you want the hair in your mustache to lay a certain way before applying product. The best way to teach your mustache to lay in a natural curl is to use your fingers and then simply wait.

Using your two fingers or thumb and index finger, sweep the corners up into a curl. Keep doing this a couple times a day. This repetition on a daily basis will be a natural way to train your mustache so that it retains its curled shape. After that you can go ahead and apply the wax for a natural hold to keep it firmly in place.

Don’t be afraid to load on other beard products on the mustache. You have some of the best grooming tools that will work all over your face. Beard oil is fantastic for applying all over your face to keep your beard silky and smooth, but the mustache need not be excluded! Add a drop or so of oil into your mustache to get rid of any wiry hairs and flyaways that might be forming. Additionally this will help hydrate, condition and even train your new healthy mustache.

A well groomed and epic mustache is always a sight to behold, whether it stands alone or is the final kickass factor of your beard. Pay attention to the length of your mustache as it grows much faster than the rest of the beard. You’re more likely to hit a terminal length here before other parts of your face.

Now go ahead and show off that beautiful stache and give it a wiggle for us. Beard and mustache on brothers!

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