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The term “silver fox” brings a certain image immediately to mind, the dashing, debonair older gentleman who’s still breaking hearts even in his later years. Perfectly groomed though slightly grayed, these men give the younger generation hope that age does not have to take our […]

Wearing a beard means occasionally performing some upkeep on your whiskers—a little maintenance work goes a long way toward keeping your whiskers sharp and stylish. Straight razors and electric shavers make for powerful grooming resources… but as a famous uncle once said, with great power […]

Most people see beards as nothing more than a fashion statement, but there’s more to them than that. A good beard can open up important doors in your life. Some of these opportunities are easy to spot, but others tend to bubble beneath the surface, […]

When your beard looks amazing, you can’t help but want to touch it. Whether you’re stroking it wisely or simply luxuriating in its fullness, your beard demands to be appreciated. And chances are pretty good the people around you feel drawn to it as well. […]

When you first set out on your journey to bearded greatness, it’s pretty easy to keep tabs on your facial hair’s growth. Starting from zero means every fraction of an inch of your new growth is obvious. Your whiskers look fuller and longer with each […]

Most guys out there want a beard that inspires endless praise from onlookers. Who wouldn’t want a beard that could be labeled as “epic”? “Magnificent”? “Wizardly”? Maybe even “God-tier”? If you strive to achieve a beard worthy of these descriptors, you’ll have to add another […]

We invest so much time and energy making sure our beards look great that we sometimes forget the other part of the grooming equation: The hair on top of our heads. Your beard and your hair are really two pieces of the same overall package, […]